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What happens if I put 3.9V into the GPIO Pin? [duplicate]

I have a sensor which gives an output of 3.9V when high and 0V when low. Perfect for the RPi, except is it? What happens if I put the 3.9V high signal directly into the GPIO and if bad things will ...
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Can GPIO pin of Raspberry pi tolerate voltage above 3.3V? [duplicate]

I am using an inductive proximity sensor having an operating voltage of 5V with raspberry pi 3B+. Sensor has been given 5V from Pi. On sensing metal, output of this sensor is approximately 4.5-5Volts. ...
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RS232 to Raspberry Pi Zero W

I know this may be a dumb question but can you connect a RS232 Tx, Rx, and Ground from a device directly to the Rx, Tx and Ground on a Raspberry Pi Zero without having to get a Max3232 or something ...
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running a mosfet from 3.3V gpio output

i am running a low side switch with the 3.3V gpio output of the pi, and for the particular transistor i’m using (irf520 ) the 3.3V is barely enough to turn it on - is there some clever positive ...
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How to connect Raspberry Pi and Arduino with SPI?

I'd like to connect my Raspberry Pi and my Arduino Uno with SPI. I saw a solution here, but sy wrote at the end that this is wrong, because Raspberry Pi transmitting/recieving 3,3V on the pins and ...
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How dangerous is to input 4.1V to the GPIO?

I'd like to power a few sensors I'm adding to my RPi (Zero W) using a battery with maximal voltage 4.1V (coincidentally, the same battery used to power the RPi, except that there's a voltage amplifier ...
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Which of those listed logic level MOSFET to choose for driving a heater

I'm planning to control 3 LEDs and a heating element (5 Ohms) using a Raspberry Pi. The main power supply outputs 12V & 5A. Using an L78S05CV Voltage regulator, I'm planning to power the RPi. So ...
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GPIO only reaches 2,4v when high

TLDR; Under little load the GPIO 22 reaches 3,5v whereas under more load it only reaches ~2,4V, which is not enough to trigger the reset-line on an ATMEGA328P. UART GPIO Pins still reach 3,3V in both ...
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Connecting digital output device directly to pi's gpio

I recently purchased four of these SW-420 based vibration sensor modules, and am following along with this question: Python code for SW-420 vibration sensor. I am brand new to circuitry and want to ...
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Max current on GPIO

I have 20 ldr photoresistors that I will connect to GPIO. They are connected pretty much like this (but without led): I have also a Hifiberry Dac2Pro connected as a hat.
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RPi 1 Model A input/output pin ratings

RPi 1 Model A here. Brand new to RPi and electronics in general. I'm finding a hard time finding the exact voltage/current "ratings" for my model but the closest I could find was a comment under this ...
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Why does this Pico circuit use so many resistors?

I've just started working through the Freenove ultimate starter kit for the Pi Pico, and I'm having trouble understanding why it has so many resistors in this circuit. I'm following the tutorial ...
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same GPIO input signal on multiple raspberri's from one source

Im having 7 raspberri pi's 3 connected to 7 screens, running an python 2.7 app to download different images from google drive, every raspberry has different images. Geeqie is displaying those images ...
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