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Does Raspberry PI Model B+ Works Over 24*7 and 365 days continously? [duplicate]

Does Raspberry PI Model B+ Works Over 24*7 and 365 days continuously??
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Is it safe to leave a Pi Zero W on 24/7? [duplicate]

I have a slightly annoying habit to turn off electronic devices whenever possible, but I would like to use the Pi Zero W as a lightweight web server for personal use. Any advice to get over this habit?...
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Hardening Raspberry Pi performance for reliable 24x7x365 use [duplicate]

I am working on a project, which currently is a pet project and am using Raspberry Pi model B+ for it. But, while working this prototype a few questions have started coming up, so my question is in ...
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Can I leave my Raspberry Pi turned on all the time? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it suitable for running continuously, 24/7? I want to maximize the life of my Raspberry Pi, should I try to turn it off when I can or is it ok to just leave it running all ...
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Raspberry Pi in 24/7/365 production [duplicate]

Would you advice to use Raspberry Pi as a server for an advertising display system to manage 150 LCD screens in 24/7/365 mode?
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Is the Raspberry pi the best choice for my 24V compressor IoT project? [duplicate]

I am building and outdoor IoT refrigerated mailbox with a DC 24V compressor with few sensors like (temp, approximately, LED lights, LED Screen). I'll be controlling the 24VDC compressor power supply ...
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How can I extend the life of my SD card?

I'm not all that keen to buy a USB hard disk, but I'm aware that SD cards aren't suitable for many repetitions of reading and writing. Are there any steps I can take to extend the life of my SD card ...
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Raspberry Pi lifespan reliability

I have to set up a three monitor display for a museum, that will run 24/7 , and I think about a simple Pi wall. But I'd like to know if a Raspberry Pi is a good long term solution. The system will ...
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Is there anything I can do to improve boot speed?

I love my Pi, but it takes a considerable time to boot. If I want to use it as a Media Centre, it's quite important that it powers up quickly. Are there any steps I can take to improve boot ...
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Are there any damaging effects to leaving the Raspberry Pi on all the time

I have a Raspberry Pi B+ hooked up to my router and I leave it on all of the time, it rarely gets switched off. Does this cause any damaging effects to the Raspberry Pi?
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How can I improve boot time on raspbian?

I've had a look at these other questions that popped up but I don't think the first really answered any of my needs because it is for a media center. And the second one just has me scared to leave my ...
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Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for use as a commercial WiFi Router?

I read this post asking Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for running continuously, 24/7? , which seems to conclude that it is fine to run the RPi 24/7, but is it suitable for use as an industrial-strength ...
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Should I entrust a home server role to a Raspberry Pi 2?

Say I’d like to run a small server with very little load to provide email and chat for my own personal use. Maybe three users in total. Could I trust a Raspberry Pi to this role? I’m a bit worried it ...
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Raspberry Pi 24/7, does it need cooling?

I made a Minecraft server with a Pi 2. I overclocked it with raspi-config to something like "Medium". I intend to keep it running 24/7 without a case. Do I need a heat sink and a fan in this situation?...
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How to know if you're writing on your SD Card?

I've read (here: Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for running continuously, 24/7?) that using a Raspberry Pi 24/7 is possible as long as you don't write too much on the SD card. So, how do you know if ...
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