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Will a 2.1 Amp MicroUSB charger be OK for the RPi?

I know the RPi needs a 700 mA MicroUSB charger, but can it handle a greater amp, namely 2.1amp?
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Keyboard not detected

I'm having an issue with my RP where my keyboard is not detected. I have raspbmc installed on my SD card. Pressing any keyboard keys has absolutely no effect. I first thought it was a power problem ...
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Should I leave the Raspberry Pi plugged in after shutdown?

Are there any problems with leaving my Raspberry Pi powered even though it is shutdown? Sometimes I forget to unplug it after running sudo halt, so I was wondering if I was affecting the lifespan ...
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Fixing issues with Powered USB Hub

With my PI I'm trying to use the F4U018 Belkin 7 port hub (yes - the one on the problem list). Its one of three I have around, all of which happen to be on the problem list - I don't want to shell out ...
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Help on powering 3.3V fans

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right form to post in, and I'm not the best writer... so please let me know if I make no sense. So I'm doing a little project and was wondering on how I could power ...
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Powering hard drives without a powered USB hub?

How can I power a hard drive so I can use it with my Pi without using a powered usb hub? Can I use a small power supply?
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Raspberry Pi freeze repeatedly when 3G dongle is inserted

I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B with a LCD-touchscreen in a project that needs an internet connection. I use the latest Raspbian release and have installed all updates. My goal was to use WiFi but as the ...
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Powered USB HUB in India - F4U016

Has anyone successfully used the Belkin 4-port F4U016 or the Belkin F4U040SA with the Pi? I need to power a Wifi dongle, keyboard and a pen drive. Any advice?
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Powering HDMI splitter from Raspberry Pi Zero W

I have a base zero W that I want to turn into a receiver for spotify connect and some old speakers that connect via a 3.5mm jack. I want to get audio out of it that isn't horrific sounding (such as $5 ...
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Drawing 0.6A from one usb port on Pi3?

I just got my Raspberry Pi 3 and I am not sure whether or not I can draw 0.6A from ONE USB port (others unused (keyboard and mouse excluded)). Can the RPI handle this? Can I use all slots at once for ...
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Wifi Problem with a B but not a B+ on Google Fiber

I have several Pi's running the latest version of Raspian. I have just converted my internet to Google Fiber (which has both 2.4 and 5.0). The B+ models are not having any problem with the wifi. ...
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