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Best way to automatically reconnect to Wifi? NetworkManager? [duplicate]

I have a Raspberry Pi4 24h connected to the internet via Wifi. Sometimes, I think due some signal loss, it don't reconnect until I reboot it. I've already tried to run a script that automatically ...
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how can we know and detect that we are disconnected from network? [duplicate]

after connecting to a network via wpa_supplicant I need a way to know if we are disconnected so we can connect again automatically.
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Prepare SD card for Wifi on Headless Pi

I need to SSH my Pi over wifi but because it is a model A board (using a usb hub is not possible - ever) and I have no ethernet, i can't configure the Pi to connect to my secured wifi network. I want ...
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How to setup Network Manager on Raspbian

Is it possible to get Network Manager working on Raspbian? It's easy to install with: sudo apt-get install network-manager but I couldn't get it to manage any of my connections. Unfortunately, it ...
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how to disable raspberry pi power management? [duplicate]

I am using my raspberry pi as a headless server. The problem is that after a couple of hours of inactivity it seems to enter a power suspend state where it disappears from the web and refuses ssh ...
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Falls off network ("Destination host unreachable")

I am running my Raspberry Pi headlessly, connecting via SSH over the network. I am having a problem that I can consistently reproduce. I will leave a Python script running on my Raspberry Pi and come ...
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Raspberry Pi wifi wlan0

So I got 2 raspberrys and both are running raspbian. So my wifi adapter is TP-LINK WN725N. I configured my wifi like this: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dhcp allow-hotplug ...
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How to set up WiFi with Raspbian "wheezy"

I have been trying to setup up WiFi with my Raspberry Pi Model A (meaning I don't have a internet connection currently), running Raspbian 2013. I have tried several things to setup my WiFi but none of ...
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How can I disable autoconfigured networking on Raspbian?

I need to configure my network connection using some low level commands, but I believe the autoconfiguration in Raspbian is complicating this. How can I disable it? And if I do, can I easily restore ...
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Setting up Raspbian and WiFi on a private network

I just got raspbian installed on my SD card and am trying to get my Pi on my network. It's protected with WPA2 Personal. I opened up the gui network connect and added a new network with the proper ...
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WiFi turns off automatically on raspberry pi

My pi's wireless network go off after 12 hours. I have a cron job which sends some data to a web address each 15 minutes, so the internet connection is always active for my Raspberry pi, and logically ...
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How to configure Ubuntu 19.10 Raspberry Pi 4 wifi to automatically connect?

How do I configure wifi to automatically without rebooting? For example, like phone, when my phone detect wifi that has connected, it connect the wifi network automatically without reboot and any ...
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Auto reconnect WiFi in case of changed channel (frequency)

I have a problem with RPi and WiFi channel changing. As I discovered these days - RPi determines channel only during boot procces. And this is an issue. If I log in to my AP (mikrotik) and change ...
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Keep Wifi Alive after 1 hour

I have currently set-up the following for wifi connection My wpa_supplicant.conf file just had these two lines: ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev update_config=1 And my config....
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Raspberry Pi2 crashing when running camera (streaming video)

Running headless with: Linux weatherpi 3.18.11-v7+ #781 SMP PREEMPT Tue Apr 21 18:07:59 BST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux I am using the raspberry camera module. I can stream video, I've tried both motion (...
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