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How do I update software and firmware?

I understand that the software on the Raspberry Pi is divided into three sections: the closed-source GPU firmware, the patched ARM Linux kernel and the user space software. Is the GPU firmware on the ...
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Why am I getting a rainbow screen and flashing red PWR LED with a new Raspberry Pi 3B+?

I think there might be a problem with my new Pi. I'm using the same power supply (purchased from PiHut for my previous 3B) in the new 3B+ but I get the rainbow screen and the red power light flashes ...
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I'm sorry to say that I'm a complete newbie to linux and Raspberry Pi. I installed Raspbian on my pi years ago and just started working with it again. I'm trying to install kodi on my system but ...
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Now that Raspbian Stretch has been released, should Jessie users rush out and do the upgrade? Is it safe?

It has taken a while, but has now announced the official release of Stretch to replace Jessie. Does this mean everybody should start changing their repos and doing the upgrade? Myself, ...
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Do I need to upgrade any firmware on a new board to make it work and produce a video signal?

I received my 3rd Pi4 4GB kit from Velros and all I did is move the known working sdcard from my working Pi#2 board into this new one. However, after it boots I see 4 raspberries in the upper left ...
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Moving SD cards from 3B to 3B+ [duplicate]

I have an SD card which works fine on a Pi 3B, with network config on it (it runs a wireless AP and has DHCP setup on the wired port). I move it to a new 3B+, and I see that it doesn't come up on ...
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Halting inevitably leads to reboot

I always shut down the system with halt, which is the equivalent of shutdown -h now. On every linux system I've ever used, including up until recently the pi, this halts the system and turns off the ...
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Unknown filesystem type 'hfsplus' when mounting HFS+ volume on Raspbian Stretch

I am looking to mount an HFS+ volume on my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Stretch. I have just installed the packages hfsplus hfsutils and hfsprogs. When I run cat /proc/filesystems it looks like ...
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Why does pi3 b+ not boot in pi-top? [duplicate]

In September 2016 I bought a Pi-top with its Pi3B, which I assembled and it runs with the Pi-top software recommended at the time. I recently bought two Pi3B+. Expecting complete computability, I ...
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Raspbian problem after upgrade from stretch to buster

I tried upgrading raspbian from Stretch to Buster using this tutorial: At the end of step 6 (maybe at 99% of the upgrade), I had ...
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PiCamera with RPi v3 B+: gpioman_get_pin_num: pin CAMERA_LED not defined

Sorry for the long-winded post. I understand this issue has been posted throughout various forums (including here), but even after following all of the advice I have seen, I am unable to get the Pi ...
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RPI is not visible in LAN when using ethernet over usb

I'm following this tutorial for converting RPI to usb gadget. I've modified setup script a little to fit my needs: err_file=$HOME/usb_setup_err echo "Time: $(date -Ins)" >> $err_file echo '...
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