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How can I confirm if my audio output is defective (on RPi3)? [duplicate]

I am wondering if maybe my audio output of my Raspberry Pi 3 is defective. I have tried to get some kind of audio output without any success so far. I have tried any comment / tutorial on how to ...
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How do I load a module at boot time?

As stated in Why is my Audio (Sound) Output not working?, to initialise the sound driver, you must run sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835 every time you want to output sound. How do I get this to run on boot? ...
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How to get better Audio quality from audio jack output

I've read and experienced that music (mp3 etc) through the audio-jacket is poorly (popping sounds in between songs). Is this already solved or what's the best way (setting) to decrease this problem?
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KODI and analog audio

Has anyone been able to get the analog audio to work in KODI on the Pi2? It works great through HDMI but I want to install this in my wife’s minivan and it only has component inputs, no HDMI. I am ...
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How to enable sound on Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu 16 [closed]

How do enable sound on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu 16? I've tried the solutions outlined for Pi2, like this question, but nothing seems to work. Running sudo aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/...
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Audio over HDMI - hello_audio.bin works but not aplay

I'm having problems getting audio over HDMI working correctly (running ArchARM). I have in my /boot/config.txt: hdmi_drive=2 I compiled hello_audio.bin and ran it with 0 and 1 as args, both work (...
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Retropie boots to 640x480 resolution over HDMI

I flashed the latest Retropie image (4.4) and it boots with a resolution of 640x480 when connected over HDMI to my 4k TV. I used the correct Retropie image for my Pi 3. I confirmed the screen ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Sound Not Working With HDMI

The sound simply doesn't work, I'm using HDMI on a large flat-screen TV. Earlier today I had it working with HDMI on a smaller TV that is not a flat-screen. I have heard that it may have something to ...
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Raspberry Pi Sound Issues

I saw this answer for configuring enabling and being able to use audio but was unsuccessful. I want to have audio to my headphones which are plugged into the 3.5mm jack. I have tried: Forcing audio ...
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Pi zero - USB headset doesn't work?

I am trying to get audio output to a USB headset that is plugged into my pi zero. The headset can be seen and selected in the audio GUI and seen using aplay -l. However, there is still no sound output....
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Raspberry pi 3 audio issue

I am having trouble with my Raspberry Pi audio. I have the same problem with two different Pis, using two different TVs, two different HDMI cables, and one set of analogue speakers. To test sound, I ...
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