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File Manager and fdisk report different partition sizes [duplicate]

I'm new to Raspberry Pi. The 8 GB SD card that came with my RPi 3 type B showed only 500 MB free, probably due to the pre-installed Mathematica (thanks WRI!). So I moved the card image to a 32 GB SD ...
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Reverse the expand root FS

When installing Raspbian, the first thing you're told to do is to expand the file system to stretch across the whole SD card. Works great. But what if I want to save space when doing a disk image. Can ...
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What does raspi-config's Expand Filesystem option do?

I just booted a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian. Can somebody tell me what the Expand Filesystem action actually does? Is the filesystem already expanded by default? Is there a way to verify if the ...
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Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display V2.1 and beyond

So it appears there have been significant changes to the "New Out Of the Box Software" (NOOBS) system with version 2.1 and beyond. According to the release notes included with the package: 2016-11-...
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Will RPI3 power down an external USB hard disk if not used for a certain amount of time?

Supposing I am more interested in power consumption than the lifespan of the HDD, does Raspberry Pi 3 power down automatically an external USB hard disk? If it doesn't do it automatically by default, ...
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How to determine setup date of raspberry pi

I have a raspberry pi but I do not recall when I set it up. I am trying to find this out. I have tried the suggestion in the following question:
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fsck keeps returning “fsck usage: fsck [-fdnypq] [-l number]” on sd card for raspberry pi

My raspberry pi won't boot, I'm getting an "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,6)" error. I'm trying to solve it by running an fsck on the drive, as many ...
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Can you mount/unmout hard drives that are powered and connected to the raspberry pi via a usb hub?

I want to setup a raspberry pi with two external hard drives for backup purposes. Because of the raspberry pi power limitation, i guess i will have to use a usb hub to power them up. My question is ...
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Unable to create a bootable Raspbian Lite SD card with the `dd` command

So after much searching, trail and error, I was finally able to create a bootable SD card for my RPi2 Model B. Unfortunately, I did it in a way that I did not want to and I wanted to know where I have ...
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Using a Raspberry Pi to write an image to an SD Card

Hie I have an SD card Module and can access connect two SD cards to my raspberry pi, however i would like to be write an image in the other card connected to the SD Card Module
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Create new ISO from configured distribution

I have read that this is possible on Windows using Win32DiskImager.exe but I'm looking for a Linux (Mint) based solution. I have downloaded the latest distribution and configured it with the software ...
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Follow up to "Reverse Expand Pi root FS"

I need to reduce the size on my Raspberry Pi boot SD card. I have read this posting Reverse the expand root FS and it embedded references, but as a near novice, I have a couple questions. I can ...
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Possible to reduce SD image after it's been expanded to fit SD card? [duplicate]

I installed Raspbian Jessie Light on a 16 GB card and then used raspi-config to expand the filesystem to fit the whole card. Is it possible to go back? That is, create a new image with smaller ...
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