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Low power warning when using pi with touchscreen

I’m using a raspberry pi 3B with this DSI touch screen from waveshare. As a power source I’m using this battery hat, which according to the documents should provide 5V. The battery is also fully ...
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Can I power a RPi 4 model B via a 5V/2A fast charging adapter?

It says 5V/3A in technical specs, I wonder if that 3 A is a must, or is there anybody who can power RPi 4 model B via a standard 5V / 2A smart phone adapter. Specifically, I would love to hear ...
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Will accidentally powering a pi with more than 5V break it?

I have a variable power source(5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, etc...) with a usb plug which I had powering my pi 3B a few months ago, but one day (a few months ago) I accidently had the power source set on 6V(it ...
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What are the Electrical Specifications of GPIO pins?

What are the Electrical Specifications of GPIO pins; current limits and voltage levels?
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Attaching second Raspberry Pi to a USB hub already connected to a Pi

What would happen if I attach a Raspberry Pi (A) to a USB hub for power which is already connected to a second Raspberry Pi (B) powered by an adapter (but connects to devices such as HDD, keyboard, ...
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Power Requirement for Pi 3

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and I wish to make a tablet with it. I am using the WaveShare 7inch touchscreen, the pi camera V1, a USB hub and an external CD/DVD drive. But when I got everything ...
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Is it safe to power a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Fritz!Box USB-port?

As many others im getting a Zero W for PiHole and i would like to power it using the usb-port of my wifi router. However, im concerned about undervoltage. I read the Zero W wants 1,2A, but usb 2.0 ...
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Raspberry Pi 3+ "brownouts" and under voltage issue with good power supplies

My raspberry pi 3+ is showing undervoltage warning. I know this is a common issue and I've done a fair bit of trouble shooting, so please keep reading. At first, I tried powering my raspberry pi with ...
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Cannot find device can0 with MCP25625

I have been developing an expansion board for my RPi Zero, which contains a power supply based on the buck converter TPS62130 (5V/3A) by Texas Instruments, a USB Hub and a CAN Controller/Transceiver ...
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How Raspbian Detects Under Voltage

How does the Pi know it being underpowered and to show the lighting bolt? As most of us know, if you use a bad power supply you get the lightning bolt telling you are underpowered. I noticed that when ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Stable Red Light When Powered Up

I recently got a new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and I managed to flash the OS. But the problem seems to happen when I try to boot it. I do not have the official adapter, but I tried the following: with ...
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Can Rpi3B+ power two USB SSD drives?

Can I power two usb drives using USB to satas or do i need a powered USB hub?
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What is the highest voltage from the power supply a Raspberry Pi 3 B can handle without getting damaged?

I am using Android things on Raspberry Pi 3 B with a 7-inch touch screen. Currently, I always see a yellow thunder bolt sign on the screen which means that the Raspberry Pi isn't receiving a high ...
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Can Raspberry Pi draw power FROM an external HD?

I just hooked up an external Kingston SATA drive with a SATA-USB adaptor to my Pi 2B. I powered the disk from a separate USB hub, the Pi had its power from a common micro-USB PSU. Then something a ...
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Can the Raspberry Pi 4B power 2.5 hard drive and SSD without a USB hub?

Does Raspberry Pi 4 model B power one 2.5" Seagate 2TB external hard drive and a M.2 SSD connected via USB? Will official power supply suffice powering both and Pi? Any help or insight is highly ...

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