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Powering External Devices

I am wanting to use a Raspberry Pi 3 to communicate with two Texas Instruments CC2538s (over serial USB), I am wondering if the RP will be able to provide enough power over its USB ports to power ...
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Attaching second Raspberry Pi to a USB hub already connected to a Pi

What would happen if I attach a Raspberry Pi (A) to a USB hub for power which is already connected to a second Raspberry Pi (B) powered by an adapter (but connects to devices such as HDD, keyboard, ...
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I want to power RP3B+ with gpio but not sure about the circuit

I got a 4 battery holder (4-Way 18650 Battery Holder from Dfrobot) And I'm wondering do I need a resistor to power the rasbery pi via gpio 5v pin. Or do I need something else for this power supply The ...
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Raspberry Pi not recognised when connecting power cable to wall sock but is when connected to laptop

Pi setup is as follows: version 4B 64 bit OS ethernet cable from router to Pi power cable from Pi to laptop USB port SD card 16 GB Router recognizes, lists Pi in devices, can SSH to it If I move the ...
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Output current of 1 Pin (New Model)

Quick question. I have the latest Raspberry Pi (Model 3B+) and I just want to know if the output current of the 3.3 V supply has changed as I'm using a T-cobbler at the minute.
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Is the low voltage danger only during boot or during operation too?

I went to an authorized reseller, but they gave me this charger for my Raspberry Pi 3B. I used Etcher to write the August 2020 version of RPi OS to the SD card and it boots fine. However, during boot ...
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Trying to understand the under voltage issue

Using this script to provide a power report, I am getting the following while powering the Pi with iPhone power brick and the official Raspberry Power supply brick: -- using official Raspberry Pi ...
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