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What is the max voltage that the Raspberry Pi can handle over the USB plug? [duplicate]

I've been trying to make my own lower-cost power supply for the Raspberry Pi (my cellphone wall adapters don't provide clean enough 5V power for the Pi 3B+) with a 12V wall wart I have laying around ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 with Samsung charger [duplicate]

So I found a Samsung charger with no quick charge just a normal one. But it outputs 5.3 V and 2 A. I've read at other forums that it shouldn't pass 5.25 V. So I wonder if it still safe to use it to my ...
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Can I use a 5V 4A USB charger as a psu for Raspberry Pi 3? [duplicate]

I want to power my RPi-3 using a 4A 5V USBcharger. I connect a hard drive, wireless keyboard adapter, and a pendrive usually and I get a yellow coloured lightning bolt on the upper right side corner ...
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Rpi Zero W ( not Rpi 2,3 ) - power consumption, idle and GPIO operate [duplicate]

Spec wise - all raspberries require 5v 2A input. My project needs multiple remote rpi’s to send periodical status of GPIO using python script ( runs on Raspbian Strech Lite ). Is a 2A a must ?
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Raspberry PI Portable USB Charger [duplicate]

I bought a $5 usb charger that I am using to power my Raspberry Pi. The charger works decently but I am noticing that every once in while the raspberry pi will reboot. I have read that some chargers ...
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My Raspberry pi keep show msg : low voltage warning please check your power supply [duplicate]

I have Raspberry pi 3 , and I am using its power supply which give 5V -2.5 A , the problem is that the raspberry Pi keep show this message : low voltage warning please check your power supply
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What is the maximum current the GPIO pins can output?

What is the maximum amount of current that can be pulled from a single GPIO pin? Does the maximum current decrease if current is being pulled from multiple GPIO pins? From my research, I've found: ...
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How Raspbian Detects Under Voltage

How does the Pi know it being underpowered and to show the lighting bolt? As most of us know, if you use a bad power supply you get the lightning bolt telling you are underpowered. I noticed that when ...
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What is the highest voltage from the power supply a Raspberry Pi 3 B can handle without getting damaged?

I am using Android things on Raspberry Pi 3 B with a 7-inch touch screen. Currently, I always see a yellow thunder bolt sign on the screen which means that the Raspberry Pi isn't receiving a high ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Stable Red Light When Powered Up

I recently got a new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and I managed to flash the OS. But the problem seems to happen when I try to boot it. I do not have the official adapter, but I tried the following: with ...
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Get reading of RPI supply voltage

On the most recent pi I've been playing with I've noticed the under-voltage lightning bolt warning, discussed on this question. My question is whether there's a way I can access the voltage reading ...
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Powering the Pi 4 - safe voltage levels and current requirements

How to safely power the Pi 4, more specifically: What voltage levels are safe to power the Pi 4 via the USB-C connector or via the GPIO header? What are the current requirements? What Power ...
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What are the max current rating for 3.3v and 5v rail of the Rpi 4B

Does anybody know the max current rating of the 3.3v and 5 v rail of the new raspberry pi 4? i could not seem to find anybody benchmark this, i have read from someone that the new RPI 4 has a new ...
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Does the Raspberry Pi 3 regulate the voltage on its 5V pins?

I need to supply 5v analog power to an adc. I am supplying the pi with Li-ion batteries, so the voltage falls over time, but does remain within range of the pi's required input. If the input voltage ...
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Is it safe to power my external hard drive with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ USB port?

I have a external hard drive that has written on it "5V ⎓ 1A". Both power and data transfer happen over a single USB. I have been reading about powering this hard drive with the USB ports on my ...
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