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Trying to understand the under voltage issue

Using this script to provide a power report, I am getting the following while powering the Pi with iPhone power brick and the official Raspberry Power supply brick: -- using official Raspberry Pi ...
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Raspberry Pi 3+ "brownouts" and under voltage issue with good power supplies

My raspberry pi 3+ is showing undervoltage warning. I know this is a common issue and I've done a fair bit of trouble shooting, so please keep reading. At first, I tried powering my raspberry pi with ...
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Low power warning when using pi with touchscreen

I’m using a raspberry pi 3B with this DSI touch screen from waveshare. As a power source I’m using this battery hat, which according to the documents should provide 5V. The battery is also fully ...
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Can I use the Solenoid lock without an external power supply?

I have a question about the Solenoid lock: can I use it with a 12v relay module without an external power supply? I'm using Raspberry pi 3 model B.
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Can the Raspberry Pi 4B power 2.5 hard drive and SSD without a USB hub?

Does Raspberry Pi 4 model B power one 2.5" Seagate 2TB external hard drive and a M.2 SSD connected via USB? Will official power supply suffice powering both and Pi? Any help or insight is highly ...
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Raspberry Pi undervoltage strange issues

So I have an old Rpi2 B, and I was getting an undervoltage error trying to run OctoPrint on an old bundled PSU. I swapped for a 5V/4A PSU with the same error, I only have the power supply and an ...
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Does Raspberri Pi recover from throttling?

I have a Raspberry Pi (3B+) in a setup, where during boot process may a small undervoltage occur (under certain conditions). However, I found out, that it never leaves the "throttled" state ...
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I want to power RP3B+ with gpio but not sure about the circuit

I got a 4 battery holder (4-Way 18650 Battery Holder from Dfrobot) And I'm wondering do I need a resistor to power the rasbery pi via gpio 5v pin. Or do I need something else for this power supply The ...
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Raspberry Pi not recognised when connecting power cable to wall sock but is when connected to laptop

Pi setup is as follows: version 4B 64 bit OS ethernet cable from router to Pi power cable from Pi to laptop USB port SD card 16 GB Router recognizes, lists Pi in devices, can SSH to it If I move the ...
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Voltage drop at 5V pin when drawing current with DC motor

I encounter a power behavior for my Raspberry Pi 4B that I struggle to explain. I try to power a (geared) DC motor using the 5V pin. DC motor is rated for 3-12V (preferred 6-8V) and is claimed to draw ...
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Is it safe to power a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Fritz!Box USB-port?

As many others im getting a Zero W for PiHole and i would like to power it using the usb-port of my wifi router. However, im concerned about undervoltage. I read the Zero W wants 1,2A, but usb 2.0 ...
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My Raspberry pi keep show msg : low voltage warning please check your power supply [duplicate]

I have Raspberry pi 3 , and I am using its power supply which give 5V -2.5 A , the problem is that the raspberry Pi keep show this message : low voltage warning please check your power supply
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Pi 5V Pin Max Current Before Melting Happens?

I have a hypothetical project in mind I would like to pursue but wanted to ask this before sinking too much time into it. That being having multiple SPI slaves connected to a Pi Zero. From what I've ...
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How can I power a 4B from a DC power supply

I'm making a NAS with a Pi 4B, powered by a Meanwell RS-25 (5v 5a) psu. However, as far as I know, the Pi can only be powered via USB C, but the problem is all my breakout boards are limited to 500ma....
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How to daisy chain the power across two Pi's

Similar to Can I power a Pi through a 5V pin?, but I want to acquire the 5V power source from another Pi. The first Pi gets its power via micro USB, and then I want to use pins 2 and 6 from that to ...
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