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What is the maximum current the GPIO pins can output?

What is the maximum amount of current that can be pulled from a single GPIO pin? Does the maximum current decrease if current is being pulled from multiple GPIO pins? From my research, I've found: ...
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How Raspbian Detects Under Voltage

How does the Pi know it being underpowered and to show the lighting bolt? As most of us know, if you use a bad power supply you get the lightning bolt telling you are underpowered. I noticed that when ...
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Powering the Pi 4 - safe voltage levels and current requirements

How to safely power the Pi 4, more specifically: What voltage levels are safe to power the Pi 4 via the USB-C connector or via the GPIO header? What are the current requirements? What Power ...
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What is the highest voltage from the power supply a Raspberry Pi 3 B can handle without getting damaged?

I am using Android things on Raspberry Pi 3 B with a 7-inch touch screen. Currently, I always see a yellow thunder bolt sign on the screen which means that the Raspberry Pi isn't receiving a high ...
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What are the max current rating for 3.3v and 5v rail of the Rpi 4B

Does anybody know the max current rating of the 3.3v and 5 v rail of the new raspberry pi 4? i could not seem to find anybody benchmark this, i have read from someone that the new RPI 4 has a new ...
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Get reading of RPI supply voltage

On the most recent pi I've been playing with I've noticed the under-voltage lightning bolt warning, discussed on this question. My question is whether there's a way I can access the voltage reading ...
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Does the Raspberry Pi 3 regulate the voltage on its 5V pins?

I need to supply 5v analog power to an adc. I am supplying the pi with Li-ion batteries, so the voltage falls over time, but does remain within range of the pi's required input. If the input voltage ...
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How much power does a Raspberry Pi Need?

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and it seems like it's always low on power. You can see this by the lightning bolt on the top right corner. I started out by plugging the USB power into a 1A iPhone ...
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Is it safe to power my external hard drive with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ USB port?

I have a external hard drive that has written on it "5V ⎓ 1A". Both power and data transfer happen over a single USB. I have been reading about powering this hard drive with the USB ports on my ...
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Can Rpi3B+ power two USB SSD drives?

Can I power two usb drives using USB to satas or do i need a powered USB hub?
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How to protect Raspberry Pi when powering via 5v pin?

I have reglaurly heard that while it is possible to power the Raspberry Pi via the 5v rail, you do so at your own risk. This is because the rail lacks any of the protections that the USB port has ...
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Is a 2.4 A 5V USB charging port enough to drive a Pi 3?

So its a qualcomm quickcharge enabled smartphone charging port. The recommended amperage for the pi3 is 2.5A, does the 0.1A make a difference? Also what is the difference between a charger and a ...
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How Can My Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Power All My Devices?

I have a bunch of questions. I have searched LOTS but I can't seem to figure this out. I hope an expert can answer this for me. I read that a Raspberry Pi can only output 0.6A for those 4 USB ports in ...
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Monitor Raspberry pi undervoltage warning over time

I am looking to find a way to monitor the under-voltage warning over a longer period of time, preferably also what it currently reads as the voltage. The reason being I would like to fuse the data ...
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RPi 3 blinking Red and Green light

I have a couple of RPI which I use regularly. Recently, I have been seeing Red and Green light blinking on my RPi. Rpi works great. I just couldn't understand why both the lights are blinking as it ...
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