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New Raspberry PI is not booting [duplicate]

I am new to raspberry pi. Here is video what is happening when I plug it to main and my HDMI monitor Recording. At the end of this video I tried to show what type of power supply I use, but it's ...
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What is the highest voltage from the power supply a Raspberry Pi 3 B can handle without getting damaged?

I am using Android things on Raspberry Pi 3 B with a 7-inch touch screen. Currently, I always see a yellow thunder bolt sign on the screen which means that the Raspberry Pi isn't receiving a high ...
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Get reading of RPI supply voltage

On the most recent pi I've been playing with I've noticed the under-voltage lightning bolt warning, discussed on this question. My question is whether there's a way I can access the voltage reading ...
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Is there a code for the power LED blinking (I've noticed a pattern) or is it simply "blinking" and that's it?

I recently got my first Raspberry Pi (model 3 B+) plus a starter kit from Adafruit, and I have encountered my first challenge: boot the darn thing. The starter kit came with a micro SD with NOOBs ...
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Low power warning using touch screen

I have a RPi 3 and a 7" touch screen, powered by a MW GS18E05 adapter. It says output 5-6V, 3.0-2.5A, max 15W. The top right corner yellow flash low power warning shows up when I boot and then it ...
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Put HDMI monitor in Sleep Mode

I have a raspberry pi running Debian. I want to set up a cron script so that the screen automatically goes into sleep mode (no power) at a given time and goes out at another time. The built-in ...
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Raspberry pi powering issues

I am using Raspberry Pi 3 with latest pixel image: Linux raspberrypi 4.4.21-v7+ #911 SMP Thu Sep 15 14:22:38 BST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux In the right top corner of the connected lcd screen, there is a ...
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Lightning bolt then system crash. Only red light is on

I was using my pi 3 with the official power supply and compatible keyboard and mouse. I was just using geany like I normally would when the lightning bolt appeared (the sign for overloading the pi) ...
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lightning bolt on first powerup

I purchased the CANAKIT Raspberry pi with the Canakit power supply. I purchased the pre-loaded microsd card. On first power up I got the rainbow and the lightning bolt (no menu) I've tried 3 alternate ...
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Rainbow Screen and Lighting Bolt while booting Ubuntu Mate on RPi3 B+ [duplicate]

I have installed the Ubuntu Mate Image for the Raspberry Pi that I found here - During the boot process the only thing that appears on screen is the rainbow ...
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