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Raspberry Pi Power Limitations

There are very many, often contradictory, claims about the power requirements and limitations of the Pi. What are the exact requirements?
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Maximum current on each GPIO pin for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Anyone knows what's the maximum input/output current for the individual GPIO pins? Perfectly fine if someone is able to point me to the Broadcom BCM2837 datasheet, which I for some reason, cannot ...
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Electrical characteristics of GPIO

Is there a spec sheet anywhere which lists the electrical specifications for the varios GPIO pins on the RPi revision B? For example, if they are open collector etc, output voltage, max input voltage, ...
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RS232 to Raspberry Pi Zero W

I know this may be a dumb question but can you connect a RS232 Tx, Rx, and Ground from a device directly to the Rx, Tx and Ground on a Raspberry Pi Zero without having to get a Max3232 or something ...
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Raspberry Pi GPIO input voltage Limit

I am doing a project in which I have a component that outputs a 5 Volt signal. Since the Pi is only able to handle 3.3 V I connected the signal to a voltage divider. I used a 4.7 kiloOhm and a 2.2 ...
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GPIO input and output levels

I have some basic questions, sorry, I have'nt found this. What are output levels of GPIO (Raspberry Pi) I mean the voltage ranges of low and high for input/output What is the maximum current that ...
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What is the minimum current value into the Pi's GPIO input?

What the minimum current input that must be provided to Pi's GPIO input in order to get high value? The idea: I will be adding Microwave Doppler which output are in micro amperes. I want to know if ...
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Do I need a base resistor for a transistor? [closed]

All I plan to drive a 51 ohm LED using the pi's 5v pin using a 2n2222 transistor connected to the GPIO. Do I need a resistor on the base pin of the transistor or can I connect it directly to a GPIO ...
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Short pulse detection about 35ms, is it possible

I got somewhat short pulse 35ms, I written script in python using RPi.GPIO, using event and callback. Is it possible to detect so short pulses? On related question how close to 3V3 I need to get? I ...
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GPIO Voltage tolerance for input

I have not been able to find the input tolerance on I/O pins, especially on the Input pins. If I apply a voltage 3.6v (3.3v +0.3) on an input will it be dangerous or is it ok ? Does somebody have a ...
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Multi-Joystick (Joystick, rotary Encoder, push Button) to GPIOs

I'm trying to connect a Joystick/Encoder/Button (Copal Electronics CJ25) to a Raspberry PI. Using gpiotest I managed to get it up and running pretty well - using 3.3V input (though the data sheet ...
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Lots of LEDs in a chain

I need to control about 90 LEDs with a Raspberry Pi. I am thinking of doing with with 3 chains of 30 LEDs, so I can control each set of 30 LEDs independently (turn 30 on and off at a time) and change ...
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Precision of Raspberry Pi GPIO outputs voltages [closed]

Raspberry Pi has several output voltages, GPIO outputs theoretically giving exactly 0V for False and exactly 3.3V for True, 3.3V line and 5V line. However, how precise are these outputs? Can the ...
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Output/Input Voltage/Curent of RaspberryiPi 3 B [duplicate]

I looked everywhere but i didn't found a good answer. I'm looking for the specifications of my RaspberryiPi 3 B because i need to connect it with many sensors like LDR sensor or Distance sensor (...
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RPi 3 3.3v GPIO normal current [duplicate]

so I've read around forums that the max current from a RPi 3.3v GPIO pin is 50 mA, but since it is the max I don't know if I should take a resistor for 50 mA or for a lower current.
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