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Raspberry Pi Power Limitations

There are very many, often contradictory, claims about the power requirements and limitations of the Pi. What are the exact requirements?
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Is it possible to detect input voltage using only software?

I'm a newbie to Raspberry Pi's, but one of the things I was thinking about doing is running it off batteries (I see many people do this) - that led me to concerns about shutting down gracefully. Is ...
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Get reading of RPI supply voltage

On the most recent pi I've been playing with I've noticed the under-voltage lightning bolt warning, discussed on this question. My question is whether there's a way I can access the voltage reading ...
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Powering the Pi 4 - safe voltage levels and current requirements

How to safely power the Pi 4, more specifically: What voltage levels are safe to power the Pi 4 via the USB-C connector or via the GPIO header? What are the current requirements? What Power ...
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Low voltage warning powering Raspberry by means of power bank

I'm trying to power my Raspberry 3 model B by means a Catlyn Power Bank 10000mah just purchased and seems to work fine with an iPhone 11. The problem is that when I connect it to Raspberry, even if ...
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How to develop a Plugin to read the status of the Power-LED of the Raspberry Pi 3 B by PHP [closed]

I need to develop a plugin that reads the status of the Power-LED of the Raspberry Pi 3 B and print the status of the LED on the Web-page. Please Help !!!
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Max networking performance with RPi 4 (Gigabit ethernet), with/without a USB3 external disk connected

I want to use my RPi4 as a small home NAS. To do that, I'm trying to benchmark the maximum file transfer performance. Workflow: Rpi4 connected to home router with a 1 Gbit cable computer connected ...
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Freenove 4WD car with Raspberry 4 won’t boot up from batteries but will when plugged in

We have been building the 4WD Freenove car with a Raspberry Pi 4. We purchased two Samsung 18650 batteries. When we try boot up from battery power the red LED turns on the Pi. However the green ACT ...
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Can I power a Raspberry Pi 400 with a 5V 2.5A power supply?

I have Raspberry Pi 3 B+,and I'm considering upgrading to a Raspberry Pi 400. I understand that it is recommended to use a 5.1V 3A power supply, but can I use the 5V 2.5A supply I already have?
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Strange voltage on 3.3V pins

I have bought a new Raspberry Pi 4 and while troubleshooting connection to a DAC module I measured the voltage at 3.3V power pins. With reference to the pin header number as shown on the diagram below,...
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Low power warning when using pi with touchscreen

I’m using a raspberry pi 3B with this DSI touch screen from waveshare. As a power source I’m using this battery hat, which according to the documents should provide 5V. The battery is also fully ...
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Raspberry PI4 + Coral TPU + Telit LTE get "Under-Voltage"

I am using a Raspberry PI4 powered by the Raspberry power supply(5.1V,3A) and I have also a Coral TPU and a Telit Lte Modem attached on Raspberry USB 3.0 Ports Hub. According with the Coral Power ...
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Stop docker container on unmount

I'm trying to debug something that I don't quite understand well. I have setup an automount of an external drive with: /etc/fstab UUID={RANDOM_UUID} /media/pi/Storage ext4 defaults,nofail,x-systemd....
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Pi cannot boot when encrypted USB SSD drive is attached

I have a Pi 4, running Raspbian 10 Buster. I have an attached SSD drive with LUKS encryption. When I restart the Pi, it wouldn't boot if the SSD is attached. Once I unplug it, it boots well and I can ...
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Raspberry Pi undervoltage strange issues

So I have an old Rpi2 B, and I was getting an undervoltage error trying to run OctoPrint on an old bundled PSU. I swapped for a 5V/4A PSU with the same error, I only have the power supply and an ...
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