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How do I update software and firmware?

I understand that the software on the Raspberry Pi is divided into three sections: the closed-source GPU firmware, the patched ARM Linux kernel and the user space software. Is the GPU firmware on the ...
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Get CPU and GPU usage on Raspberry Pi

I am trying to figure out a good split for the CPU/GPU. Is there a way to monitor the CPU and GPU usage to see where I should make the split?
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How can I change the RAM split?

By default, the Pi is set to a 192MiB:64MiB RAM:VRAM split. As I will not be using the Pi for graphical purposes, I would like to change the split to allocate more normal RAM to ease swap usage.
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Configuring the Raspberry Pi for Node.js

Reading a book on Single Page Web Applications I came to a paragraph that got me thinking: Node.js is non-blocking and event-driven. In a nutshell, this means a single Node.js instance on modest ...
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Filesystem corruption on the SD card

If I use the Pi a bit, filesystem corruption soon appears. For instance, this file was changed to another one: $ ls -alt /etc/apt/apt.conf.d total 16 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Oct 2 22:18 ...
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How can I get Java Sound to work?

I have a Java-based MP3 player based on the JLayer / BasicPlayer framework which I'd like to get running on the Pi. I have installed the OpenJDK on the most current Raspbian. The BasicPlayer opens the ...
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Memory display on Raspberry Pi running raspbmc

After lying around few months, finally I setup my Pi with raspbmc. But after starting up and when I went to see Systeminfo, it's showing 122MB max memory. Did I receive model A, which is with a lower ...
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XMBC UI slow on RasPi. How to speed it up?

We can run XBMC media player on Raspberry Pi - great! While the playback is fine, the UI is somewhat slow. How do I speed it up? For example, what is your experience with faster SD cards. is it ...
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OpenElec on raspberry pi 2 B struggling to play 1080p

I have recently bought, raspberry pi 2 Model B, with 1GB ram and quad core. Added 16GB samsung class 6 SD Card. I have successfully installed OpenELEC on it with Aeon Nox MQ5 on it. I have noticed ...
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How will leaving the default GPU memory setting at 64 affect my installed packages

I left my default GPU setting at 64. Will this affect my installed packages in a negative way? I have a raspberry pi 3 and I am getting the hang of things so if there is a better setting I would like ...
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Screen gets black after raspberry pi has done the boot

I have recently installed the lastest raspbian jessie version and it has worked fine. the raspberry has boot correctly and the graphics mode is OK. Then I have started to configure my wifi usb adapter ...
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