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How to force NTPD to update date/time after boot?

The Raspberry Pi lacks a hardware clock. How do I force NTPD to update date/time immediately after every boot? I'm running Raspbian and the Raspberry Pi is connected using an Ethernet cable.
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Where does the Raspberry Pi get the time from?

I don't have to set the clock (besides the timezone) on the Raspberry Pi. Where is it getting the time from? About how accurate is it?
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How can I keep system time?

I know that Raspberry Pi does not come with a system clock to save money. How can I keep system time though?
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Raspberry Pi won't update time

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 approximately two months ago, and since then time has never updated. Details: The operating system is a fresh installation of Raspbian Jessie (4.1.19-v7+). The Internet ...
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How is time kept on the Raspberry Pi?

How is time kept on a Raspberry Pi with the latest Raspbian release? What sets the internal clock from an NTP server? What happens when no NTP server is available? From my program I am trying to ...
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Time and timezone issues on Raspberry Pi

I've a Raspberry Pi that I was using in the EST timezone. It had an NTP service installed (sudo apt-get install ntp) and the Raspberry Pi was set to the UTC timezone. The date on the Raspberry Pi was ...
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How accurate is Raspberry Pi's timekeeping?

I realize that since Raspberry Pi doesn't have a hardware real-time clock built in, some issues with accurate timekeeping may present themselves, even when persistence across reboots is not a ...
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Setting the time on the raspberry PI - one day out - what gives?

So I understand that the Raspberry PI works some magic with internet servers and whatnot to get its time and that I need to wave some magic dust over the localtime link and possibly /etc/timezoneinfo ...
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NTPd is not updating time

I am running raspbian wheezy, upgraded to all the latest packages. The only custom package installed on it is Oracle's Java 8, everything else and its configuration is stock. Yesterday I noticed that ...
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Raspberry Pi stable date time

I'm working on a Raspberry Pi project, in which date and time are the most important factors. So, I want them to be very accurate. I know there are two methods to configure the Raspberry Pi's date ...
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Time and date on clean install of raspbian is very wrong

The time and date of my pi with a clean install of raspbian running is very wrong. If I run date now, it tells me this: Thu May 7 01:39:43 2015. Neither the time or date is right. I've tried to ...
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Incorrect time until I restart the ntp server (multiple times)

I am using Raspberry PI Model B with Raspbian, installed by NOOBS, upgraded to the latest version. The NTP server is automatically started in the boot process. When I boot my RPI, the time is always ...
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How can I set up my G-Mouse USB GPS for use with Raspbian?

Here is the receiver, a G-Mouse USB GPS unit. First thing is to find the tty port it uses. Start by opening a terminal window. Look at the devices, then plug in the GPS unit and look again: I can ...
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Raspberry Pi Time is off by 45 min

I'm currently running a Pi as a file and Webserver on my small home network. My two Windows-10 PCs have the correct time, but I noticed the Pi time is approx 45 minutes off. No big deal, but when I ...
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Can't access NTP server with a static IP address

The time on my Raspberry Pi is off by a few days. When I try $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure ntp it doesn't change the time, but some stuff comes up in the syslog: Oct 21 18:27:45 airpiClock ntpd[2142]: ntpd ...
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