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Streaming video from raspberry pi to internet via external server [duplicate]

I'm aware of streaming video using MJPG-Streamer on the RaspberryPi itself. Is there a way to send the video to an external web-streamer so that if I have multiple people viewing a stream it doesn't ...
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Streaming the video being recorded to remote computer? [duplicate]

I want to stream the video that is being recorded by Pi-camera to my Remote computer for monitoring. There are lot of tutorials Online which deal with this topic. I was able to make one way work, that ...
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How to stream video from raspberry pi? [duplicate]

I own a raspberry pi model B+. A webpage is hosted on raspberry pi and i want to display a real time video stream from a webcam.The stream should be embedded on the web page (shown below) The webcam ...
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Streaming from the pi camera to a website [duplicate]

Hi so I would like to stream video from my raspi to a streaming service like twitch. I have setup my pi using this answer, but that only lets me stream inside my local network. I do have another ...
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Raspberry Pi Camera Module as webcam [duplicate]

I may be the only person in the universe to have never used a webcam. I bought a new Raspberry Pi Camera Module and have used raspistill to take some pictures. I want to set it up to monitor an area ...
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How to stream video from Raspberry Pi camera and watch it live

I am new to the Raspberry Pi and even new to the Raspberry Pi camera. I have seen a lot of tutorials online for the Raspberry Pi camera but have yet to find on that lets me stream straight from the ...
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How to stream low-latency video from the RPi to a web browser in realtime

I took me a while of hunting, but I managed to get low-latency real-time video streaming working on my RPi2. I'm running this on my RPi2: raspivid -t 999999 -h 720 -w 1280 -fps 25 -b 2000000 -vf -o -...
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How to configure UV4L?

I have been trying to edit the .conf file for raspicam to change the default resolution; however, I can seem to figure out the right command for enabling configuration permissions. When I access the ....
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Raspberry pi Webcam stream with ffmpeg

Hello i am using ffserver with ffmpeg to stream a video with audio from web cam. The ffserver.conf file is : Port 80 BindAddress MaxClients 10 MaxBandwidth 50000 NoDaemon <Feed webcam.ffm&...
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Streaming from RPI over VLC

I realize this is a very commonly asked question but I haven't found anyone who's run into quite the problem that I'm running into. On my PI I run the following command: raspivid -o - -t 99999 -w 640 ...
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FFMPEG from Raspberry Pi to YouTube plays too fast, then buffers?

I've been using a RPi2 to encode live video from the PiCam module to stream to YouTube. The stream is up and running, but of course there are issues :). First and foremost the video stream on ...
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How to get Motion working "On the fly"

I'm wanting to use my Pi as a dashcam and I'll have it set ffmpeg to make mpeg4 recordings. On the Motion website here they describe you being able to generate mpeg films "On the fly." I have done ...
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URL to grab stillshot from camera? [closed]

Using the raspberry pi camera is there a url that can be used to grab a still shot? Similar to but it would need to be ...
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Trying to use Raspivid into ffmpeg, says "failed to open segment"

I am trying to use raspivid as an input for ffmpeg I'm testing the {code from this question}(How can I stream H.264 video from the Raspberry Pi camera module via a web server?). Initially I was using ...
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Live streaming video and sound with raspberry pi

I am all new to raspberry pi, but think I could use it for a small project that I just can across. The thing is that I have to put up a nest box with a built-in camera, but unfortunately it is a ...
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