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Disable screen blanking in X-Windows on Raspbian [duplicate]

We intend to use a RPi at work to drive a status display panel - it will show our project's bug status and a few other statistics of vital importance. I've been trying stop the screen-saver from ...
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Disable "Black screen" on raspbian jessie lite [duplicate]

I set up a raspberry pi to run as a dash/infoboard. To do this, i used midori and uncutter(to remove the cursor) and start it up from the ~/.bashrc file, like so startx /usr/bin/midori http://google....
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Prevent Pi from sleeping [duplicate]

I am working on a project similar to the one at Similarly, I need my pi to stay on constantly. I have the regular ...
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Disable USB wifi sleep/suspend

Whenever I leave my Raspberry Pi on overnight, it always seems to have entered some kind of suspended state. The red power light is still on but the light on the USB WiFi device is off and I can't ...
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Prevent screen from going blank for kiosk

I should start off by saying I am fairly new to Linux. I want my pi to scroll through pictures in Image Viewer and never sleep. I've followed these instructions from another question to try to fix the ...
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setterm: terminal xterm-256color does not support --blank

Since installing the latest build of Raspbian onto my Rasberry Pi 3, I've been getting the following error: setterm: terminal xterm-256color does not support --blank setterm: cannot (un)set powersave ...
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How do you turn off the screensaver in Raspbian?

Simple question: how do you turn off the d*mn screen saver in Raspbian for Pi 3 Model B? It keeps popping up even if I leave Chromium looping a video in Kiosk mode. I tried the solution from this ...
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Screen going blank after a while

When using the Raspberry Pi 3 to run a presentation in Libre Office, the screen goes blank after a while. My questions: Is there a file that I can configure/set the screen active constantly? Where ...
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Raspberry Pi + Raspbian, "The screen saver strikes again"

Thanks to plenty of clear and sufficient advices about getting rid off 'screen saver', I can say I am pretty experienced in that field (at least theoretically)... However I did not solve the problem ...
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Configure Raspberry pi to run my application before GUI Desktop

I have created an application through Python that has library dependencies on Qt4, pyqt4, pyqtgraph etc. This application is based on Raspberry Pi, I have developed and finished it on the platform. I ...
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Power on display results in blank screen

I'm currently trying to write a simple script that turns on and off my monitor connected to the rpi via hdmi-to-dvi cable. I can turn off the monitor without issue using: tvservice -o However when ...
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Turn off screen saver

I would like to either turn off the screen saver or increase the time before it activates. I can't seem to find a Utilities folder?
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