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Laptop display connection [duplicate]

Is there any way how to connect Dell Latirude D630 display B141PW03 V.0 to RPi? I have working digitizer, working notebook which is useless for me.
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Connect dead laptop display to Raspberry pi? [duplicate]

I have a laptop where the motherboard died. I am wondering if I can "harvest" the display and connect it to a raspberry pi for little to no money. I have already taken the display out of the laptop ...
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Connecting a Compaq CQ56 screen to a raspberry Pi [duplicate]

I've got this laptop in pieces, a Compaq CQ56. I want to take the screen and connect it to a raspberry Pi to make a interactive mirror like so many tutorials show. On the back of the screen it has ...
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Would a Compaq Presario V6000 laptop monitor be just fine for the RPi? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Connect Pi to an old laptop screen My Compaq Presario V6000 laptop just had an HDD failure and I took it apart and salvaged the monitor. I was wondering if I could use the ...
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Can i render an image on a detached lcd screen of laptop with help of raspberry pi 3? [duplicate]

I am new to raspberry. What i want to do ? I want to render an image on a (detached) lcd screen of a laptop with help of raspberry pi. Questions : 1) Will it need hardware driver for lcd ? 2) Can ...
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Using my old laptop as an external monitor [duplicate]

I have been looking round to see if there is a solution for this question, but in vain. Please don't blame me if there is. So I have got a broken Dell Vostro 14-5480. Its monitor has no problems at ...
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How to set up Raspberry Pi without a monitor?

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi, type B model. I want to set it up directly to my laptop screen, without any other monitor. I have not set it up yet. How do I connect my laptop's screen as the ...
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Can I use the screen/keyboard of a laptop with the Pi?

I have a very old, not very fast laptop. (The screen and keyboard work well, but the hard drive is dying and the RAM's getting slow). The other day an idea struck me: could I use the screen/keyboard ...
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What are S2 and S5 connectors for?

On the RasPI there are two ZIF-Connectors S2 and S5. What are they for? I looked at the schematics page 4 - F4 to F8 and assume that S5 could be the camera connector mentioned here. S2 could be some ...
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Raspberry Pi and iMac display

A customer at my work has donated us a iMac G5 because it didn't do anything. We want to test if the display is still working, but I'm not sure if it will work. Does someone know if it is possible to ...
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Use laptop screen without dismantling the screen

I need to keep the set-up clean. I did my homework and came across Connect Pi to an old laptop screen and Like a projector can I use raspberry pi to VGA port in my Laptop and both of them did not ...
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Raspberry Pi Video Output

Is there any way for me to use my laptop screen as a screen for my Pi (Model B)? The cost of a HDMI to VGA converter as well as a good monitor with HDMI connectivity are a little high. I have a ...
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HDMI-to-( TTL or LVDS ) decoder/driver on a custom PCB [closed]

I am working on a custom-made handheld PCB based around a PI Compute Module and one of the hardest steps I have found is how to include an HDMI-to-(50pin-TTL or LVDS) driver on my PCB to run my LCD ...
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