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Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a backup of itself?

This question answers the question of how I use an external computer to create a backup of my RPi. I'm wondering whether I can create a backup image of the SD card that is currently in use, and ...
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How can I use an init ramdisk (initramfs) on boot up Raspberry Pi?

I need to load driver on early stage booting. For development I use LVM (logical volume manager) so I can easily revert test setups to the default image from a snapshot. For this I have to load the ...
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Can the raspberry boot to an LVM root partition?

Before I start, I will say I have posted this on the Rpi forum as well. I don't normally cross-post but, having tried there and got nothing, I've come to my preferred knowledge centre. I'm just ...
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Install base Raspbian from repository, not using an image

Raspbian has no installer, so how can I install it by starting with debootstrap? How it works with Debian can you find here: install Debian with debootstrap and the package can be found here: ...
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Backing up a raspberry pi over the network

I have 4 Pis. On each Pi I have mounted my Airport Extreme (Apple router that has built in storage) to /home/pi/Airport. I would like to automatically backup each Pi on a set interval. Would doing ...
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Periodic backup of Rpi3 Stretch SD card

Starting with a pristine install of Raspbian Stretch on a 16GB SD card, I plan to set up various sets of software packages. I would like to start with a baseline install and create a restore-point (...
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Custom initramfs

I'm working on a custom version of initramfs for RaspberryPi 3, where I'd like to run some commands to validate CPU serial number and other validations before start init process itself. I was trying ...
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How to develop/automatic test Raspberry PI images without constant plugging and unplugging SD card?

I am new to Raspberry PI development. I am building my custom boot image. I am taking image file, mounting it on linux, adding/removing somefiles, unmounting, plugging sd card to cardreader, dd-ing ...
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Are there Restore Points alternatives on Raspberry Pi?

I have the following problem - we are distributing Raspberry Pi devices with our some software installed into it to our clients. Occasionally we need to update the current state of their OS (for ...
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Which file in /boot is the initial RAM disk?

In order to emulate a Pi in the Qemu emulator, I will need to identify which (if any) of the files in /boot is the RAM disk, and which is the appropriate kernel. Booting Raspbian however, there is no ...
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How can I re-recognize my Raspberry (4 Modell B) display (Bruphny 4.0) like it was recognized per default with a fresh Raspbian Buster install?

1. Summarizing the problem No display ( after LVM tutorial anymore. 2. Providing details and any research After using this Tutorial (Easy backups and ...
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Backup Pi onto same SD card, different partition

I am wondering if it is possible to: Partition an SD card into two (or three including boot partition) Install PiOS on one partition that it boots on Boot the Pi and make various software adjustments ...
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Debian RPi distro that can automatically backup itself regularly

I'm looking for either a complete Raspberry Pi distro or something that I can install on top of a Raspberry Pi distro that can do the following: -Automatically make backups of itself to either the ...
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Can I span the SD card over IP like a USB device?

My issue is that I have 3 or 4 Raspberry Pis zeros, each with a 400gb sd card but I have a 500gb Bitcoin blockchain to store on it, that is growing very quickly. In theory, if I partition drive space ...
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