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Raspberry pi 3 indicates booting, but no USB or HDMI output [duplicate]

I'm new to stack exchange so my question might not be the best. My raspberry pi 3 b+ 2015 (I have had it for 4 years) that I use regularly has a problem with booting. I booted it up this morning and ...
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How do I control the system LEDs using my software?

There are 5 LEDs on the RPi: OK, PWR, FDX, LNK, 10M. I'd like to know if it's possible to control any of these from software i.e. turn them on, or change intensity (or even change colour gasp). And ...
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What do the LEDs on the B+ mean?

Not a duplicate of this RPi.SE question, as I'll explain in a moment. GPIO.RPI_REVISION returns 3. As far as I can tell, looking at my B+, there are no LEDs labeled: OK, FDX, LNK or 10M. There are ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Stable Red Light When Powered Up

I recently got a new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and I managed to flash the OS. But the problem seems to happen when I try to boot it. I do not have the official adapter, but I tried the following: with ...
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Is there a code for the power LED blinking (I've noticed a pattern) or is it simply "blinking" and that's it?

I recently got my first Raspberry Pi (model 3 B+) plus a starter kit from Adafruit, and I have encountered my first challenge: boot the darn thing. The starter kit came with a micro SD with NOOBs ...
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Act LED flashing 3 times quickly after boot

The ACT LED on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is flashing three times very quickly after boot. I am not able to connect via ssh (the error message is "Connection Refused" – despite ssh being enabled), but I am ...
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My Raspberry Pi won't boot no matter what I do (It has worked before, nothing is broken)

I followed the instructions from this website on how to install Linux Kali on my Raspberry Pi Model B (which I have done before but had forgotten how to), and I plugged in the HDMI and microSD card, ...
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RPi Zero Install

I have formatted my card and written the latest version of Pi Zero from the RetroPie website. Brand new microSD card, card reader, and HDMI wires. The tv screen stays blank when I plug the Pi0 in. I ...
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HDMI projector doesn't detect my PI

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 model B v1.1. I wanted to set It up for the first time. I loaded the Raspbian Lite .img file into my 4Gb micro SDHC class 10. I put It in Its slot. I connected It to an EPSON ...
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Raspberry Pi LED confusion

I have had some issues with my raspberry pi. I went online to find some videos to try to figure out what is going on. I then noticed that their raspberry pies Have the LEDs OK, PWR,FDX,LNK and 100 (in ...
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First time setup - no HDMI output

At first install I get no output to my monitor at all. Have tried two different monitors and two different HDMI cables. Black screen. I assume this must be a hardware error, or have I missed something?...
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How much force can the ports/ board handle?

I just got my RPi3MB and dont use a case yet and feel like every time i plug/un-plug e.g HDMI/power cable that its pulling too hard. Am I just being paranoid that the input ports will loosen up and ...
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