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SSH into Pi Zero W over its WiFI when no local network is present? [duplicate]

I'm running Raspberry Pi OS Lite on a Pi Zero W. Currently I can SSH into it through my WiFi internet. But what if I'm out in the field with no internet? How can I configure the Pi to become a WiFi ...
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Pi Router That serves both Ethernet and Wifi [duplicate]

Before I have setup my Pi 2 as a Router that has 2 ethernet connections, the extra one is a USB 100Mbit Ethernet adatper, eth0 for incoming internet and eth1 for outgoing LAN. But this time I want ...
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WEP Hotspot help [duplicate]

I’d like to play some of my DS games online with WiiMiFi but I need to get a wep hotspot and I’d like to know what I need to set up to get one going I have a Raspberry Pi 3
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How to connect to WiFi without reboot?

I just put a freshly flashed card (with 2017-09-07-raspbian-stretch-lite) into a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Then I added these lines: network={ ssid="myWifiSsid" psk="myWifiPassword" } to /etc/...
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Access point as WiFi router/repeater, optional with bridge

I need a wireless access point that is bridged with the wired ethernet port and that is connected to another wifi internet router with a client connection as uplink. All devices connected to the RasPi ...
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Use systemd-networkd for general networking

systemd-networkd can be used to replace the existing networking system on Raspbian. How can I use it for general purposes for networking like DHCP server, name resolution, link-local addresses, mDNS ...
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Howto migrate from networking to systemd-networkd with dynamic failover

Systemd's systemd-networkd can be used to replace the existing networking system on Raspbian. How does it work with Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi with two interfaces for ethernet and wlan? Can I also ...
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I can't get WiFi access point (AP) working on my RPi

I want to control my Raspberry Pi 3B+ using VNC via the on-board WiFi. To this end, I am trying to set up a WiFi access point on wlan0. I followed the instructions at
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Configuring a Raspberry Pi as a bridge? (purpose: extending WIFI)

Context: I have a raspberry pi working properly with its version of Raspian (actually I have all the Raspberry Pi version, all). The problem to solve: The wifi where I work does not reach every ...
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Raspberry Pi 3b+ WiFi hotspot with hostapd Failed to start Advanced IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticator

I have this: /etc/default/hostapd DAEMON_CONF="/etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf" /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf interface=wlan0 driver=nl80211 ssid=HOTSPOT hw_mode=g channel=6 ieee80211n=1 wmm_enabled=...
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How to make Raspberry Pi a Tor router with all kind of network setup using systemd-networkd

I have looked for a way to connect to the Tor network transparently using systemd-networkd. I want just to connect to a Raspberry Pi by wifi or wired and get into the internet through the Tor network. ...
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dhcpcd.conf setting static ip not working!

Ok, so i might have messed up a bit my system and now i am unable to set a static ip through /etc/dhcpcd.conf I'm running raspbian stretch on pi zero w here is what i have done: I followed this link ...
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Pi as DHCP server, but getting "unknown interface eth0" with dnsmasq

I am trying to set up a Raspberian Stretch install to act as DHCP server on the ethernet port (eth0), to share the network coming from wlan0, but when I restart dnsmasq it fails and in the logs I see: ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 local network for territories without access to the internet

Is there a way to create/enable a local network between a Raspberry pi and mobile devices? I am thinking of a project which will use the Raspberry pi to host data which can be accessed using multiple ...
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WEP WiFi Hotspot

So I want to use my DS online again, and what I need to do is get a router with WEP seurity, or a router without security. So I decided to use my Pi 3 B as a WiFi hotspot. But all the stuff I find is ...
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