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Fan control GPIO settings

I have several Raspberry Pi 4 with a case that includes a fan. I connected the red cable to 5v Power(Physical/Board pin 4) and the black cable to GPIO 14 (Physical/Board pin 8). I setup raspi-config ...
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Control fan to lower temperatur via script [duplicate]

I have a raspberry pi 4 and a small fan in the case. I know that the pi can run without a fan but I already have one installed so why not using it. The problem is, that this small fan does make a ...
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gpio pin set to output 1 but no current flowing through the fan

I have 2 RPi-4. I've been using a fan inside a case that is designed by Canakit to be used with RPi-4. I've been using the fan for a few weeks by connecting it to constant 5V and ground. Everything ...
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How to turn power off on 5V dc gpio pin with python

I was wondering if there was a way that i could turn the power on and off on the 5V gpio pins with a python script. I am powering a fan with the 5V gpio and was hoping to do something where the fan ...
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Where to make electronic connections diagrams

I'm making a little project with a raspberry pi zero, for documentation purposes I'd like to add some connection diagrams/representations, my main purpose is to have an easy reference to see pin ...
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Controlling fan of the LABISTS Raspberry Pi4

I'm a new Raspberry Pi 4 user. I have bought the Labists Kit which includes 3 heatsinks and a fan. As far as I understand the fan is connected directly two the GPIO pins (see for example this video ...
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Lower temperature for GPIO fan turning on

raspi-config P4 only allows temperatures above 60, but I prefer being able to touch my pi before the fan turns on. Is there a way to ignore this limit and set the temperature to a lower value?
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is it possible to control the Fan from GPIO?

am a programmer with no hardware knowledge background and defently no physics background. I have a RPi4B and bought a fan bundled with its heatsink. I realized the fan is basic and has 2 female pins ...
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GPIO stuck high after shutdown/halt

I'm new to the world of Raspberry Pi, I'm setting one up as a little PC for a kid. I have a RPi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS, and I've build a case around this heatsink. I have created a simple circuit ...
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Is it possible to control the 5V supply (e.g. pin 4) via python?

I want to (de)activate a fan, which is connected to the pins 4 and 6, depending on the temperature of the CPU. Is it possible to (de)activate Pin 4 (or Pin 2) at the Raspberry Pi 4 via python? I have ...
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Is it safe to connect a 3.3v fan to gpio instead of power? [duplicate]

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B and a fan. According to the instructions paper of the fan, it should be connected to a ground and a 3.3V power , or a ground and a 5V power. So I've used the former setup ...
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Model 4B Running Hot

Here is my hardware/software setup: Model 4B with 4GB of RAM. Official 5V power supply (North American socket) Official case with provided heatsinks Ubuntu 20.04 (Most recent LTS, came out April 2020)...
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turn a fan off when a power switch is toggled

I have added a power switch to turn on/off my raspberry pi 4. When I use this switch the fan connected still remains on. How would I add something to my script when the switch is toggled to turn off ...
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Raspberry Pi fan does not turn on using Python

I'm trying to make my case fan turn on using Python code. I have connected the fan to the GPIO 4 pin and the ground pin. The code I'm using is below: import RPi.GPIO as GPIO GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) ...
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Wiring 12V 5 pin relay (without a module/board) for usage with Raspberry Pi

I'm trying to setup an automated garden as a quarantine project for my mother and I can't really figure out how to properly wire a 12V 5-pin relay module as every tutorial online only shows the ones ...
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