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Command/control latching relay using gpio pin only

first off, I'm a noob when it comes to hardware/electronics. Barely started and not planning on getting too deep in it. Now, what I am trying to do may not be possible, hence this question. I have ...
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1-wire device not detected

I'm having trouble getting a 1-wire sensor to be detected on my Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+. The sensor is this temperature and humidity sensor. I have wired the red wire to 3.3V, the black wire to ...
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Rpi3 might have been fried by wrongly connected DHT11 temparature sensor

I just bought a package of sensors online, a few things were really easy to set up, but the DHT11 (3 pin version) temperature and humidity sensor was giving me problems. Here's what I did: Following ...
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What happens if I connect +5 V input to rasberry GPIO ports?

I've read that Raspberry GPIO ports can't withstand +5v and works only with +3.3 v, and that +5v could potentially permanently damage the port? But what does it mean exactly? Is that specific channel ...
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how can I get a fixed sampling rate of 1 ksps when interfacing MCP3008 (10 bit ADC) with raspberry pi using SPI?

Whenever I take data from the MCP3008, my sample rate keeps changing. Sometimes it's 24ksps, sometimes 200sps. I want to keep this fixed. Python Code for SPI communication on raspberry pi: import ...
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Issue with Pi 4 and 1wire

I've got a Pi 4 and went to hook up a couple sensors, the first being a DHT11, it's working fine. The second being a DS18B20, on the 1-wire interface (using the standard GPIO pin 4). The circuit is ...
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GPIO pin turns off immediately when switch is connected, turns back on when disconnected

I have no problem turning on and off pins on my rpi4 (using both gpio on the terminal and Gpiozero with python3) however when I connect a wire (which is connected to a switch) to the pin... it turns ...
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Connecting DHT11 module kills raspberry

I have a DHT11 module that looks exactly like the image below. I also have raspberry pi zero wh. I have connected 3.3V (pin1) to the + on the module. GND (pin6) to the - on the module. I was carefull ...
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Only a solid red light and no ethernet lights after broken script

Model: Pi 3 B+ I wrote a script using GPIO pins and I'm fairly certain there was no way for it to cause a short circuit. I ran the script, and was unable to stop it using ctrl+c, so I pulled the plug ...
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DHT 11 Sensor Voltages

GOAL A 3-Wire DHT 11 of unknown pedigree is to be connected to a Raspberry Pi: SDA GPIO The goal is to take "due diligence" and avoid frying an rPi. Thank you RESOURCES Ada Fruit's 4-pin DHT11 ...
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DHT11 Temprature sensor makes raspberry pi go crazy!

I am trying to use the DHT11 sensor temprature and humidity sensor with my Raspberry Pi 4B. When I connect the sensor with my Raspberry Pi and turn it on, the red LED on it starts blinking and it can'...
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Combining programs dht11 and soil moisture sensor

Hey I'm doing a project and I need to combine programs of dht11 sensor and soil moisture sensor..but they're in different directories and their libraries also. I'm not able to run them simultaneously ...
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