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Questions tagged [1080p]

For questions pertaining to the video resolution 1080p, also known as "full-HD."

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1 answer

raspberry 400 hdmi output does not follow config.txt

Have my new raspberry 400 with current Raspberry OS and connected a TV by the official micro-HDMI-cable. There is no problem getting an image, but it always goes to 1080p@50 mode (TV tells me that, ...
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1 answer

raspberry pi with 4k screen @1080p resulotion

I'd like to use 4k screen with RPi. I know that RPi can't handle 4k resolution so that is why I'd like to set resolution to 1080p. Screen will be playing videos/images (both prepared at 1080p) and my ...
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HDMI Desktop in portrait mode not working

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 connected to a Toshiba TV HDMI port, which I want to use in portrait mode think to display a restaurant menu. I have changed the /boot/config.txt and added the following: ...
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Sound disappears in I²S

I have a Raspberry Pi B+ version (single core). The ARM frequency is overclocked to 950 MHz I also have an IQaudIO I²S DAC HAT mounted. Sometimes, while playing 1080p with 5.1 sound, the video ...
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2 answers

OpenElec on raspberry pi 2 B struggling to play 1080p

I have recently bought, raspberry pi 2 Model B, with 1GB ram and quad core. Added 16GB samsung class 6 SD Card. I have successfully installed OpenELEC on it with Aeon Nox MQ5 on it. I have noticed ...
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Video and audio out of sync when playing 1080p 60fps on Raspberry Pi 2

I have a 1080p @ 60fps mp4 video saved in a external USB HDD. I've tried playing it on Raspbian in my Pi 2 (the new one, 1 GB RAM, 1 GHz) with Omxplayer, but the audio and video are out of sync. The ...
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Raspbian wheezy with XBMC plays only audio for 1080p videos

My current configuration: Raspberry pi, overclocked to second highest speed (Highest speed - Turbo isn't playing good, I get freezes, stutter in video etc) uname -a output: Linux raspberrypi 3.6....
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3 votes
4 answers

1080p Raspberry Pi on Debian/Raspbian/XBMC

I am getting started on my HTPC Raspberry Pi build. I was wondering if I use XBMC I absolutely need to buy the codec to play all videos (if it is not hardware accelerated would it play if I ...
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2 answers

Raspbmc UI flickering, virtually unusable

I just got Raspbmc up and running on my TV...except that it is flickering like crazy. It's flickering so bad, the skin almost looks like complete noise. I can make out the text in the menus, and ...
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