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The green activity LED blinks on both read and write activity on the SD card. On newer models it is connected to a GPIO expander , which is connected via I²C to the SoC.

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Does the green blinking led mean that the Pi 3 is working?

I have been using a Pi Hole for some years and it stopped working some months ago. I had assumed that the power pack in my rack had died. But it is still not responding to its IP address, on my desk ...
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Act led not on but raspberry pi works fine with retropie

I have a raspberry pi 3b v1.2 that has retropie running on it, the red led lights up nice and bright but the green ACT led does not. It runs retropie fine but I can’t tell when my file transfers are ...
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Pi 4 booting but no green LED blinking

Raspberry pi 4 4GB booting and everything works fine. But no green light blinking. What is the possible reason?
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Raspberry Pi 4 model B not booting, no Act light - hardware fault diagnose help

I have purchased a preowned (due to supply shortage) Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2Gb RAM variant. To my disappointment it is not booting up. The green ACT light blinks once very quickly, on connecting the ...
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I inverted 2 GPIO pins. Is pi4 dead?

friends. I plugged in an LCD screen using single cables and accidently inverted the two top pins, numbers 1 and 2 as per the image reference. So 1 on the screen went into 2 from the Pi and vice versa. ...
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Raspberry Pi 4: exchange power LED with activity LED

the default situation with the two LEDs on my Raspberry Pi 4 is as such: [situation now] Green LED: read and write activity of my SD card Red LED: Power I would like to change the the LEDs to: [...
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Pi 3B+ External Activity LED

How can I add an external activity LED to Pi 3B+? Like to my Pi casing.
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Can't turn off onboard LED on Pi Zero anymore

I used to be able to turn off the green on-board LED with the following commands: echo none | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/led0/trigger echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/led0/brightness This no longer ...
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Use both internal and external activity LED?

With something like dtoverlay=act-led,gpio=26 in boot/config.txt I can enable an external activity LED, which is useful if the Pi is in a case and the on-board LED cannot be seen. Unfortunatelly, ...
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Raspberry Pi not booting - red power light, no ACT light

I shut my RPi3 Model 3B+ down earlier with sudo shutdown now, and while it was shutdown, but not disconnected, we had a power outage. When the power came back on, the Pi would not start. The red power ...
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Raspberry Pi A+ does not boot

I have a Raspberry Pi A+ that does not boot. When I supply power both the ACT and PWR leds light up and stay on (no blinking). I get no image on the screen whatsoever. I tried: Formatting and ...
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rPi 3B+ boots with no activity light or ethernet

I’ve been using a 3B+ headless for several months. Yesterday I rebooted like I normally do using sudo shutdown -r now. It shut down, but wouldn’t boot up again. I figured I had done something to the ...
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Audio Injector stereo soundcard is preventing boot

I recently bought a Audioinjector stereo soundcard HAT to stream sound on my raspberry pi running Raspbian. I went to their website and installed the .deb installer file and ran it with audioInjector-...
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RPi 4B ACT solid green

I am new to raspberry pi and I recently decided to get RPi 4B. Anyways, I was doing a small project and when I finished, I pulled the jumper wires from the breadboard and the wire connected the GND ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Faint green pinprick light steady flashing

I just loaded an SD Card with Raspbian lite for the Pi3 Model A+. It does the normal rainbow screen splash, followed by the 4 raspberries and a blinking cursor underneath. The pi never completes its ...
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Normal Work of RPi 3B+

I am newbie and i want to understand watching only on indicators, is Rpi 3 B+ work quite well? I mean, are green and red lights should glowing both permanently together or red light can glows ...
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Turn off onboard LEDs at boot

I know very little about Raspberry Pi and Python. I've been able to turn off the LEDs in the terminal using the following command: sudo su - echo none > /sys/class/leds/led0/trigger However, I ...
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Why the green LED is not blinking properly on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B running Arch Linux ARM from USB?

After installing Arch Linux ARM on Raspberry Pi 3 model B, everything is working as expected but the green LED that indicates the SD card read write activity. The LED just blinks every second for 0.1 ...
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raspberry pi no rainbow screen

I have an another problem. My RPi (3 model B+) not booting. No ACT led, no rainbow screen, only PWR led. Here is what i checked: - Power supply (Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply 2.5A, 5.1V Micro ...
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Raspberry pi not booting nor screen showing any colors

So I just took off my raspberry pi and clean it with wet tower and dry it completely off. When i then boot into it, it was completely normal then I started to notice that the green light is not ...
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Send PWM signal from Raspberry Pi 3 BEFORE boot

I am using my raspberry pi 3 to run some services. When someone powers on the Raspberry I want to use RGB LEDs to indicate the status instead of using a LCD screen to output messages. The LEDs I plan ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 will not load SD Card

I have a very strange problem and have gone through 2 pi's atm. I have Raspberry Pi 3, I put an OMV imageon it [1]. The first time I boot up the Raspberry Pi it outputs and has a Kernal error: I try ...
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Pi 3 on-board LEDs

Can I make one of the LEDs on the Ethernet port do the same thing as the ACT led? The case I've got my Pi in, does not allow me to see the ACT led so I do not know when its okay to cut the power ...
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Can't turn on ACT LED on baremetal Pi3

I'm trying to run some bare-metal code on my raspi 3. This is my first time doing any sort of bare-metal programming, so first things first I want to turn on my ACT led as a kind of hello-world type ...
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Green Led (ACT) is blinking for mmc0 without SD card activity

The green led (ACT) on my Raspberry Pi 3 is set to mmc0 to flash on SD card activity via echo mmc0 |sudo tee /sys/class/leds/led0/trigger However, it flashes much more often (randomly every few ...
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