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Questions tagged [arduberry]

The Arduberry is an Arduino that fits over 26-pins of the Pi breakout and allows the use of normal Arduino shields, and direct communication with the Pi via UART. It can be programmed from the Pi using the Arduino IDE.

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3 answers

Arduberry integration between the Arduino part and the Rpi3 file system?

I see this product, the Arduberry: And this project to do a blink like on the Nano: So my ...
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2 answers

How does the Arduberry work?

I have an Arduberry for my RPi and wondered if it worked the same way as the Uno. I understand that it is not in fact an officially licensed Arduino but, I wanted to know if it worked the same way ...
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Arduino-Raspberry Pi bridges

I am building a small wireless controlled robot using the Arduino and the raspberry pi. It works by the user wirelessly connecting through to the raspberry Pi (using vnc or some other form wirelessly) ...
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