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For questions pertaining to benchmarking various capabilities of the Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi Samba time machine backup bottleneck

The Problem I've setup my Raspberry Pi 1B+ running DietPi as a Time Machine backup destination as per this tutorial. I have attached a 2TB Western Digital USB 3.0 disk. Obviously this is an old Pi so ...
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Benchmarking performance RPi vs Old Laptop

with the current shortage in RPi availability, I found myself looking for good deals of second hand computers. Basically, I only want the RPi to perform computation and act as a server, nothing more, ...
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Pi 4 performance against x86 - CI/CD server with Java/Maven

I was considering using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a cheap CI/CD server with Jenkins & Maven. Does anyone have a performance comparison of a Pi 4 against a modern Intel Core i3/i5/i7? For example, how ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ vs Odroid C2 huge performance difference

So i benchmarked my Raspi 3 B+ and an Odroid C2 with sysbench by in single and multithread operation by using sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 --num-threads=4 run The results are kinda ...
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How long does it take to build cmake on a raspberry pi 3 A+

How long does it take to configure, build and install CMake on a Raspberry pi 3 A+? I'm aware that CMake is part of the standard package library, but sometimes you need to build a different, or your ...
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How fast can GPIO pins toggle?

I'm currently using Python's RPi.GPIO module to toggle some pins, and I want to know how quickly it can do this. I need the pins to be toggled on the schedule of a ~50 mhz FPGA clock, which I'm ...
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Benchmark on one machine too extreme

I run a basic benchmark on my machines: time echo "scale=3000;4*a(1)" | bc -l This computes Pi to 3000 decimal places. The general expected time in my experience is 35-60 seconds on a Raspberry Pi B+...
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Raspberry PI2 what is the maximum sdcard speed?

The first Raspberry PI could not utilize more speed than approximately a class 6 card. Can the new Raspberry PI2 utilize faster cards like class 10? Or is the IO speed the same towards the sd cards ...
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Can I use Raspberry pi as NAS with Raid 1 and encrypted file systems?

I am currently using a desktop computer as NAS where I have four hdd's which I have in Raid 1 using mdadm. These Raid 1-drives are encrypted using Ubuntu's default encryption (I think it is cryptsetup)...
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Benchmarking SD cards, read speed is identical

I'm testing a pair of sd cards this way: The first card I did this on (sandisk class 4) gave a write speed of 5.4 MB/s, which is about what I expected ...
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Benchmark USB HDD

I'm using an external USB 2.0 HDD to extend the storage of the Pi which holds my movie-collection. I'm experiencing problems with skips when playing HD movies (720p / 1080p). Also, when transferring ...
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How can I stress test my Raspberry Pi

I recently picked up a battery powered USB cell phone charger and I'm running some tests to see what kind of battery life I will get. Right now I'm just testing at Idle. I want to also run a test ...
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What is the highest performing hardware configuration?

I know that exact benchmark numbers will vary between manufacturers, but in general if you only consider higher end flash drives, SD cards, and USB HDDs and your Raspberry Pi is connected to a network ...
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Are there any benchmarking programs?

Is there a way to benchmark the performance of my Raspberry Pi? I'd be looking at Upload/Download speeds, reads, writes, and general processing stuff.
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What kind of performance can I expect from using a Raspberry Pi as a webserver?

Has anyone done some web server benchmarking on their Raspi? I don't have my Raspi yet but I'm planning on using it as a web server and I'm interested to see stats for: Number of requests per second ...
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