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For questions pertaining to Bluetooth setup, usage and troubleshooting on the Raspberry Pi, whether onboard or via a USB dongle.

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How do I get my bluetooth keyboard to pair automatically before I log in?

I asked how to install bluetooth, so I can use an existing mouse and keyboard. I was able to get that to work, but the keyboard ceases to function when the GUI is logged out. That means that I still ...
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How do I install Bluetooth for my mouse and keyboard?

Can I get step by step directions for installing a generic Bluetooth dongle, so that I can use an existing bluetooth mouse and keyboard? This answer to the question How can I use a bluetooth mouse ...
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How can I use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard?

I have a spare Mac keyboard that I'd like to use with my Raspberry Pi when it's plugged into my TV, so that I can use it for surfing internet on my TV. Has anyone got a working configuration with a ...
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