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Questions tagged [bmp180]

This is an I2C device popular with Raspberry Pi users that measures atmospheric pressure. Use this tag for questions relating to this hardware device (and its siblings the earlier BMP085 and the later BMP280) and also for software that interfaces with them in particular.

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2 answers

What are my options to get the BMP180 to work?

I stumbled upon some old tutorials and bought the BMP180 sensor to use with my Pi 4. However, there is a new model and the repository containing functions to use the sensor with the Pi is deprecated ...
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BMP180 OSError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error

At the moment I am trying to get readings of pressure from a BMP180 on a Raspberry Pi (OS : Noobs) So far, I have been successful with connecting the device with the pins and the I2C is detecting the ...
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2 answers

Sparkfun ADXL345 wiring issues

My project is using two TMP102's, one BMP180, and one ADXL345, all on I2C (there are a few other items, but not on I2C). I'm having no issues with anything but the ADXL345. Even when it's the only ...
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BMP180 wrong reading

I connected my BMP180 on Raspberry Pi, temerature reading is correct, but pressure reading is incorect. It says Pressure=100448.00Pa, Sealevel Pressure=10450.00Pa while my local weather station says ...
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3 votes
2 answers

RPi2 raspbian I2C error - BMP180 sensor

I am having a lot of trouble getting the RPi2 to recognize the sensor, even after configuring the I2C for the RPi and following the guide several times. Running: sudo i2cdetect -y 1 outputs that ...
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1 answer

LCD(20x4) module with 2 sensors

I'm using DHT22 and BMP180 to mesure temperature, pressure and humidity. I connected DHT22 to pin1(3.3V), pin7(GPIO4) and pin9(GND); and BMP108 to pin3(GPIO2), pin5(GPIO3), pin6(GND), pin17(3.3V). I ...
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1 answer

Not all devices that are connection via I2C are showing

I have linked this chip to my raspberry pi. I used these instructions to do it then installed everything I was told to install using these instructions. For some reason only two of the devices are ...
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2 answers

BMP180 allow to read calibration but fail to read data

I have BMP180 connected to my RPi, I can read calibration data from it, but when I try to get pressure / temperature data -- I get 80 00 for temp and 80 00 00 for pressure (mean -- 'just-after-reboot ...
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Does the kernel support a BMP180 BMP85 digital pressure sensor out of the box?

The kernel generates a virtual file with the values for the famous temperature sensor DS 18B20. Is there a plug and play kernel support for the I2C digital pressure sensors BMP180 and BMP85 too? ...
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