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Questions tagged [boot]

These questions refer to the initial starting up of the Raspberry PI.

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2 answers

What could cause a failure to display anything on the HDMI output?

Occasionally, when I power up my friendly RPi, the screen stays blank as if there is no output from the HDMI. I can still ssh to the device, so it is working. Can anyone suggest reasons why it may be ...
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42 votes
4 answers

Is it possible to dual boot from the SD card?

Say I wished to have Debian Squeeze and Arch Linux ARM on my SD card. Would it be possible to dual boot from Grub?
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30 votes
4 answers

Is there anything I can do to improve boot speed?

I love my Pi, but it takes a considerable time to boot. If I want to use it as a Media Centre, it's quite important that it powers up quickly. Are there any steps I can take to improve boot ...
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32 votes
6 answers

What is a typical boot time for the standard Debian distribution on a typical SD card?

How long does the RasPi take to boot when using the standard Debian distribution on a typical SD card? Are we talking less than a second? A couple of seconds? 10 seconds? 100 seconds? This isn't too ...
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4 answers

Emulation on a Linux PC

How can I connect an SD card containing a Raspberry Pi OS to my Linux PC, and boot the OS in an emulator? Why won't VMWare work? What are the limitations of this method? Related: Emulation on a ...
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15 votes
2 answers

What's the quickest way to start playing a movie after attaching power?

I want my Raspberry Pi to start looping a predefined .mp4 movie (/home/oliver/awesome.mp4) as soon as possible after attaching power to the device. This has to happen without any user interaction and ...
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Problems while booting [closed]

Having difficulties booting would mean that your SD Card is written the way it is supposed to be and the OS starts loading but doesn't proceed and most certainly doesn't prompt you for logging in. ...
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