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For questions related to Broadcom, a chip manufacturer.

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How to persistent write to registers?

I'm trying to "hardware-lock" some software written for the Pi and ensure that even if someone clones the SD card, they're unable to run a particular piece of code if it's not on an "...
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How is spidev and the spi-bcm2835 module related?

Removing either one deletes the SPI devices from /dev/ What's the difference between the two modules and how do they relate?
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BCM2835 GPIO Pins vs. Physical Pin Numbers

Good morning. I am attempting some low-level assembly coding for Raspberry Pi. Using the BCM2835 Peripherals Doc, I have successfully been able to work with the GPIO controller on my RPi Model B rev. ...
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Feasibility of a coprocessor socket on the next gen Rpi [closed]

I'm aware of several different constraints on the Pi5 (and beyond), and I was hoping someone could give the full list and what specifically prevents such a feature (and why). The next Rpi will still ...
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Which Intel/AMD processor would be the equivalent to the Rpi 4B's new BCM2711?

My question is pretty straight forward... while I know the specs of the new Rpi 4B say the 4GB version... I don't know how to really compare its processor to something I'm more familiar with, say ...
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RPi Memory map and bus addresses

I'm trying to understand the RPi memory map as shown in the BCM2857 reference ( Is a "Bus Address" the same as a ...
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I2C bus hangs in master RPi access to MSP430G uC ~1 in 1000 accesses

What I've done to deal with the problem I reset the MSP430, clearing the hung state. I've slowed down the I2C clock's frequency, beefed up the Power Supply, changed pull-up resistors - no change. ...
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Configure SPI from Kernel Space by writing to the SPI Registers

I'd like to write my own SPI driver to configure the SPI interface by means of writing to the CS, FIFO, and CLK SPI registers. I have disabled the SPI interface in raspi-config. I followed the ...
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Will Running Headless Improve Baud Rate?

I am trying to poll data from an I2C device on a Raspberry Pi. Currently it is hooked up to a 7" touch screen, and I am getting an error that seems to be due to a clock-stretching bug. (https://...
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Why does an analog LDR (KY-018) work on the Raspberry Pi 3?

I'm doing a project and my teacher told me that the GPIO pin cannot supports analog inputs like the LDR, so I went to try and it works perfectly without the Analog Digital Conversation IC. Why is that ...
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Compute Module 3 BCM43364 WiFi via SDIO

I have a Murata 1FX evaluation kit, and I'm attempting to use it to get WiFi working on a Compute Module 3 (with the CMIO board). It uses the Broadcom BCM43364 chipset, which is similar to what the ...
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Broadcom 43455 WiFi adapter problems

Raspberry Pi3 B+ running Raspbian Stretch 2018-03-13 Broadcom 43455 WiFi adapter connects to network but won't pass any traffic. If I connect an Asus dongle, that works perfectly once I turn off ...
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Why does the wireless chip and the ram chip of the pi 3 have squiggly circuits?

I have been looking at my Pi 3 earlier today and I noticed that both the Broadcom chip and the Elpida chip have strange, curvy lines that come in/out of them. I am thinking it may help break up ...
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Cross compile error from Ubuntu 14.04 to raspberry zero (using arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++)

I'm trying to cross-compile from my Ubuntu 14.04 (host) to the pi zero. Here is what I've done on host to cross compile a very basic example : > apt-get install g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf from here ...
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Is it possible to buy the BCM2837 Arm Cortex with integrated wireless bluetooth separately from a Raspberry Pi 3?

I want to experiment with the SoC but I can't seem to be able to find it anywhere, not even documentation or anything else. PS. Are there alternatives available from Broadcom?
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