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Building a NAS: OpenMediaVaultV6, Raspberry Pi4 with Samsung QVO 8TB SSD / BTRFS vs. EXT4 / expected write rates with Wifi V6?

I am trying to build a NAS with openmediavault V6. Hardware: Raspberry Pi4 8GB Samsung QVO 8TB connected via the lower USB 3.0 SSD case: ...
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How to install Ubuntu server to Raspberry Pi 2 using BTRFS?

I would like to install a Ubuntu server to my Raspi 2's SD CARD, but using btrfs file system. The preinstalled Ubuntu images do not help in this case, how would you do this?
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Raspberry Pi 3B+ doesn't boot - VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)

Raspbian is installed on a btrfs partition, and as such, has an initramfs. After a kernel update, I forgot to regen that initramfs. As it wasn't the first time it happened, I removed the SD card, ...
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Won't mount btrfs file system unless you try to mount each disk separately

I have a pi 3b running raspbian 10, installed fresh this morning. All was going well until it ceased to be able to mount my btrfs volume. The error I get is as follows: mount: /drive: wrong fs type, ...
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Initrd and btrfs raid at rapsberry pi 2

I trying to setup a Raid 1 using btrfs. Generally ArchLinuxARM supports single device btrfs without tweaking anything. But adding another device and rebooing results in a boot failure "Device not ...
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btrfs root filesystem on raspbian

I thought I might experement with btrfs as the root partition to see how it handles file corruption during power cuts. But I can't get it to boot. What I did: on the PI before switching: apt-get ...
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