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Questions tagged [cache]

Data stored in an optimal and faster retrieval place for widely used data.(e.g: SWAP, L2)

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Using a RPi Zero W as a WiFi enabled USB stick

I have an older industrial instrument running Windows CE that I would like to access data from remotely over WiFi. The instrument saves data (10-20 kB for each test) to a USB stick, so leveraging ...
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Configure Caching IPv4/IPv6 DNS Stub Resolver using "systemd-resolved"

"How Do I configure a local caching DNS stub Resolver using "systemd-resolved"?" I've been using BIND to enhance performance by caching name queries on hosts. Since systemd-resolved is part of the ...
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How to increase CPU cache on Raspberry Pi?

I'm mining some Monero on my raspberry pi (Of course only for educational purposes). In order to increase my hashrate I'd like to increase my CPU cache. I already searched SE but haven't found a ...
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CPU speed changes by a multiply of 2 for short durations

I'm using a raspberry pi and I need really fast performance from my CPU for a certain process. To achieve that, I added isolcpus=3 to my kernel boot parameters, to isolate the core for this process ...
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Freeing up cache when memory is low

I have my raspberry pi A+ in my embeeded project and every byte of memory is important when I've only got 128 MB to my CPU (I need 128 MB for the GPU because I use the camera module). Unfortunently ...
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Cache filled before reaching required amount in OpenELEC

I am playing pictures and short HD videos (~40MB) from the SD card (not network), 24 hours a day with OpenELEC installed on Raspberry Pi. Everything was fine until the second day. Now when trying to ...
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How to access the ARM cache memory of RaspberryPI?

I would like to enable or disable portion of ARM L2 's cache memory of raspberry PI. I am working on performance evaluation of raspberryPI by locking the cache memory of it. Please suggest me some ...
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How do I turn on Level 2 (L2) cache?

It has been suggested to me that the L2 cache is turned off by default on the Pi, and that turning it on could improve CPU performance (probably at the expense of GPU performance). I'm keen to explore ...
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