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Questions tagged [captive-portal]

A web page that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi network, requiring them to log in or provide credentials in order to access the internet.

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How can I convert my Raspberry Pi into a Wi-Fi network in order to receive a device configuration in a captive portal?

Initial Situation: Device: Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W with Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit) I aim to establish a seamless Raspberry Pi configuration that transitions between two distinct modes: Setup Mode: In ...
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How to enable guests to join a captive portal in a new local network?

I am reading online tutorials about setting up captive portals for my raspberry pi using python, they all require an active internet connection to setup. My question is: If I setup the Pi in my own ...
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How can I re-create this on my Rasberry PI?

I want to do something similar to Kiwix. Can anybody tell me how I could re-create this myself, or at least the main steps needed to build a similar project? It sounds like ...
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Log file for wi-fi connections

I've set up my Pi as a WAP and captive portal (nodogsplash and hostapd). I need to log connections to it in a log file ideally in JSON or XML. The log file needs to contain the date and time of ...
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Would like to use wlan0 to autologon to a captive portal, then bridge to wlan1 as AP

Scenario is this: My office wifi AP uses a simple "press to agree button" captive portal. That works well for humans, but in this case my wifi client is an instrument that does not have any ...
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Raspberry Pi - Captive Portal without internet display html page

I need to create a Captive Portal with a Raspbery Pi. I would like to do that: The client connect to the WiFi (without password) Automatically will auto-redirect to a webpage, just to read a message ...
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