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A Linux based operating system made by Google.

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2 answers

Can I run NOOBS directly off of a Chromebook?

I have a good 64-bit chromebook and 16GB SD card. I want to use multiple noobs OSs, but my Pi was destroyed by my dog. Is this possible without buying a new Pi?
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chromium os on rpi3 is not supporting video streaming nor I can watch live or other videos on Chrome except for YouTube

I have installed chromium os on rpi3 b+ and while Playing any live video or any other video except on YouTube it's showing video not supported what should I do to fix this issue please help
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2 answers

Raspberry Pi 3 with Chromebook offline over Ethernet Cable

I will need to use my Raspberry Pi soon without an internet connection and am trying to set it up to run headless through an ethernet connection. I am using a Chromebook Samsung 3 running Linux in a ...
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Can I install ChromiumOS on old Raspberry Pi B+?

Dumb question: Please dont redirect me to other stack exchanges I know its possible to install ChromiumOS (not chromium) on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, but I wanna know if its possible on RPi B+(the first ...
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Chromefy (Chrome OS) on RPi3B+?

Has anyone tried using Chromefy (a way to get official Chrome OS on any device) or similar Chromium OS releases on the RPi3B+? If so, which one works best?
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0 answers

Does Raspberry Pi 2/3 supports PNaCl?

I have Raspbian and Chrome-OS in different SD cards. My initial tries shows that both official repos hosts a version of Chromium, but they had NaCl disabled explicitly. Will it work if I compile ...
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6 answers

Installing Chrome on Raspbian [duplicate]

I am following a tutorial that is based on a Chrome extension so I have to install Chrome. When I tried the following command: sudo apt-get install chromium I get the following error: E: Package '...
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2 votes
1 answer

Chromium OS, is it possible to make it work with Raspberry Pi Model B+?

Chromium OS, is it possible to make it work with Raspberry Pi Model B+? I've actually tried it, but it boots upto the rainbow image only, not sure if I need to wait longer but it seems its stuck ...
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Set up chrome remote desktop in raspbian

I would like to know if there is a way to set up chrome remote desktop on my raspberry pi 2. I have installed chromium version 22 and when I try and get the chrome app for remote desktop, it says that ...
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Could I turn a Pi into a DIY Chromebox?

I recently got my first Raspberry Pi and I've done all the normal playing, setting up XBMC, a LAMP server, NAS, etc. I'm wondering if it would be possible to mount it on the back of a monitor and ...
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