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Questions tagged [cmdline.txt]

cmdline.txt is a file for passing arguments to the Linux kernel during the boot process.

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6 votes
7 answers

Where is cmdline.txt located on the NOOBS SD card?

I need to reset a forgotten RPI OS password. In order to do that I need to insert the SD card to the computer and edit the cmdline.txt file. It is not anywhere on the SD card root folder or any of the ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Change/reset password WITHOUT monitor/keyboard

I forgot the password to my Pi, but don't have access to a compatible monitor/keyboard. I've seen methods like these but they all involve editing cmdline.txt and then booting with a monitor and ...
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13 votes
1 answer

What is the default cmdline.txt?

My Raspbian Pi crashes to a Kernel panic when I start it up, and it suggested somewhere that an invalid cmdline.txt can cause this. What is in the cmdline.txt by default?
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2 answers

How do I set the Dvorak keyboard layout in cmdline.txt?

How do I set the Dvorak keyboard layout in cmdline.txt? What would I put for the kbd=us flag? Dvorak is a variant of the US layout.
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1 answer

Why does /dev/mmcblk0p2 work when PARTUUID doesn't?

Goal Hi my PI keeps rebooting after I added two lines to the rc.local file. Now i am trying to log into the boot shell and edit those two lines out. Problem I added init=/bin/bash to the cmdline....
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1 answer

raspbian: unable to mount root fs on uknown block

I downloaded "raspbian stretch with desktop" .img file from the official raspbery pi website (kernel version 4.14), changed it to a .bin file so the recovery utility would recognize it, and mounted it ...
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