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Writing software for the RPi without hardware (Mocking/Stubbing)

I have an IoT project that uses the Pi Zero W and at some point want to utilize the compute modules for industrial application. Currently, doing dev I may use a RPi 3/4 to copy files across and run ...
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Not allowed to use internet in France?

According to the Declaration of Conformity, only indoor use is permitted. Is this just regarding the WiFi, or the whole Pi? What's the reasoning behind this?
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Can we manufacture a product using same board design as Raspberry Pi?

If we program an app on Raspberry Pi, can we duplicate the Raspberry Pi hardware design, manufacture our own boards, and sell them as our product without paying license or royalty for the hardware ...
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Custom Pi's for Commercial Applications

I am looking to start a small company that sells Pi's predefined to fit my customer's needs. My question is: Is there a site where I can order custom raspberry Pis in bulk with my code already on ...
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Is there a Pi 3 Model B OEM version for Commercial Use?

I would like to purchase 500-1000 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B OEM units for commercial use. How can I purchase the OEM version of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B?
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Raspberry Compute Model 3, is hardware opensource and approach to integrating HD camera on board?

Im planning to build a home security video surveillance to record video and stream it. This is a personal project but I want to approach it with a production ready mindset, as a challenge for myself. ...
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Windows IoT: Commercial use

I wrote a piece of software for a small company. It uses a Raspberry Pi 3, a touch screen and also an external (USB-based) fingerprint scanner. Currently everything is based on Linux, but the company ...
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What licensing conditions do I have to take care about when distributing a commercial product based on the Raspberry Pi?

A product to be sold commercially is built around the Raspberry Pi. There is a proprietary hardware running its own software connected to the Pi, and a GUI application runs on the Pi itself. What ...
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Is it legal to use Raspberry Pi to develop a product and sell it?

I have a project in mind that uses Raspberry Pi to develop a software. The final product will be modification of the Raspberry Pi circuit (get rid of any components that the project doesn't use) and ...
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Raspberry Pi Compute Module Product Open Source License Considerations

I am planning on selling a product based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It runs standard Raspbian, with several 'non-default' software packages installed using 'apt-get install', and the GUI is ...
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What are some commercial products today that are based on the Raspberry Pi?

Are there commercial products today selling in the market that are based on the Raspberry Pi today? If yes, are they a commercial success?
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Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for use as a commercial WiFi Router?

I read this post asking Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for running continuously, 24/7? , which seems to conclude that it is fine to run the RPi 24/7, but is it suitable for use as an industrial-strength ...
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How can I protect software on the Pi for commercial use?

I would like to use the Raspberry Pi in a commercial product, but I would like to prevent reverse-engineering of the software on the device. The software in question would be written in Ruby. I assume ...
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Can the Raspberry Pi be used commercially?

I am looking for a cheap computer to distribute with my software & hardware. This will make convincing small businesses to change its platform easier. Instead of buying a $300+ computer, give them ...
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