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Raspbarry pi cm3+ lite sd-speed

I managed to get the board booting from sd-card, but I noticed when I use the regular pi 3+ my boot times are much faster, in fact 1,5 times faster. I have tinkered with the config.txt file, trying to ...
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CM3+ and RaspiCam V2 issues

I'm trying to use two RaspiCam V2 with CM3+ and Computer Module 3+ Development Kit board. I followed instructions provided in official links: Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software ...
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RPi CM3+ SDA0 & SCL0 not working

I'm having slight problems with the CM3+ module... I've written the dts overlay and got SCL1 and SDA1 working fine. The pins 28 and 29 should be SDA0 and SCL0 respectively, which is confirmed when I ...
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