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Maximum allowed current sink for an Output low GPIO, and the 3.3v pinouts

I'm using a TXB10x level shifter to translate 3.3 GPIOs to 5V. I plan on supplying the 5V from a DCDC power converter to the peripherals, including the RPI, and the 3.3 V I plan on sourcing from the 3....
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What happens if I exceed the current limit at the GPIO pins of the Pico?

They say that the output current of the Pico GPIO is configurable (2, 4, 8, 12mA). What does it means ? If I choose 8mA, what will happen if I connect a bigger load ? Will the curent be limited to 8mA,...
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Where to find LED values of the Raspberry Pi Pico MicroPython Learning Kit?

I am getting started with a pico and I got the Raspberry Pi Pico MicroPython Learning Kit from waveshare ( It ...
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Max current on GPIO

I have 20 ldr photoresistors that I will connect to GPIO. They are connected pretty much like this (but without led): I have also a Hifiberry Dac2Pro connected as a hat.
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Current draw Raspberry Pi 4 measurement results. Does anyone have more data?

I thought this would help with designing HAT power. Does anyone have similar measurements while running software and connected devices? Scant information on the current draw. I measured through the ...
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Insufficient power for RPI + 7" Touch Screen

I have a raspberry pi 3B. It is connected to a 7" RPI Touch screen, (made by RPI). The screen gets 5v from the pi and the pi is connected to a 5v, 2.1A USB power pack. For some reason the power ...
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can I use a 12v car battery to connect to a L298N h-bridge to control two 12v dc motor [closed]

I am new to the raspberry pi world and electronic in general. so I am wondering if it is safe to hook up 20 AWG wires to a car battery and have those wires going into a L298N h-bridge to power 2 ...
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Which is better to measure voltage and current,INA219 or current/voltage sensors? [closed]

I wanted to know if the measurement could be better, more accurate using INA219 or voltage/current sensors connected with ADCs? Also considering the time to implement both systems, which would give me ...
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raspberry pi prevent overload current from turning on a high current motor

I am trying to use only 1 power supply instead of 2 to power Raspberry Pi and motor, but when I turn on the high current (>10A) motor, it will lead to the Raspberry Pi restarting. I guess it is ...
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Bespoke Power Supply cable issue

I am trying to create an in-car (headrest) entertainment system using the Pi 3B with 7" screen using OSMC, when OSMC is shutdown it does not fully power off the screen, I can detect the shutdown ...
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GPIO pin not providing as much current as 3.3V pin

I have an infrared led which works at 3.3V. This is the led . Edit: I couldn't find any specific documentation, it's one of those led you usually attach to rpi infrared cameras. If I attach it ...
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Measuring GPIO current with INA219

I'd like to build a simple circuit that does the following: controls a RGB LED (RPi 4 has 4 PWM outputs, so I could use 3 of them to control the LED) measures the current draw of each PWM output, ...
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Pi 5V Pin Max Current Before Melting Happens?

I have a hypothetical project in mind I would like to pursue but wanted to ask this before sinking too much time into it. That being having multiple SPI slaves connected to a Pi Zero. From what I've ...
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setting raspberry pi zero to automatically power on after power failure

I'm planning to buy a Raspberry Pi Zero W to remotelly wake on my desktop pc. To do this task I need that the raspberry always stays awake; is there a way to set the raspberry automatically wake on ...
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Can AA batteries have voltage or current spikes?

I'm a noob in raspberry pi and in engineering in general. I had an idea for a project but it requires it to be somewhat portable so I need to power the raspberry somehow. I read this article Where it ...
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Raspberry Pi Model B Current Overdraw from 3.3V Pin

I am using RPi3 ModelB V1.2 for a motor control project. I am connecting Pin1 (3.3V) for power to a micro dc motor. The current drawn by the motor is approx ~70 mA whereas the RPi sources mention that ...
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Powering Raspberry Pi 4 'on the move' using power bank [closed]

There are good official resources that state that recommended power supply must be 3 amps (e.g. official RPi power supply via mains). However, for use 'on the move' or remote locations this may not be ...
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How can detect a very low voltage (0.2 V) with the Raspberry Pi? [closed]

I'm a beginner in electronic and I want to use a GPIO input to detect 200 mV. Is that possible ? I think that we can increase the voltage, decreasing the amperage. But I don't found a way to do it. ...
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How to detect an electric current in a secondary circuit (12v)?

I want to detect if there is an electric current in the wire where I wrote "here > > > > > >" (on the image) The secondary circuit is a 12v circuit. How can I do this ? ...
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Check status of float switch in water reservoir

I have a standard float switch in a remote water reservoir connected to a normal electric cable (100m+ long). I want to check with a raspberry pi if the float switch is on (i.e. water level is low) or ...
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Why is a resistor needed for LEDs?

While looking for a basic task to get familiar with the Raspberry Pi and its GPIO pins, I decided that driving an LED sounded simple enough. While investigating how to go about this task I've noticed ...
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