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Questions about the design of the circuitry and board of the Raspberry Pi.

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Why does this Pico circuit use so many resistors?

I've just started working through the Freenove ultimate starter kit for the Pi Pico, and I'm having trouble understanding why it has so many resistors in this circuit. I'm following the tutorial ...
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Is there a way to have USB data transferred from Pi to HAT?

I'm designing a Raspberry Pi HAT that requires USB for debugging. The 40-pin GPIO connector that connects the Pi to the HAT doesn't seem to have any USB designated pins. I would like to use the USB ...
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How to connect components of an RC (and rPi) car to the battery safely?

I am building an RC car from scratch. I have a 6v motor with an appropriate mdb, a 5v hobby servo, a raspberry pi zero w, and an 2200mAh 11.1v 50 C battery. I will upgrade the motor to a higher ...
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Automated-Update-Mechanism for a python distribution on a RPI

I made a project with a Pi as a remote machine and a GUI on a server. They communicate via http-requests, I was wondering what a "good" way would be to provide automated software updates for my ...
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Can we manufacture a product using same board design as Raspberry Pi?

If we program an app on Raspberry Pi, can we duplicate the Raspberry Pi hardware design, manufacture our own boards, and sell them as our product without paying license or royalty for the hardware ...
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What is the best/recommended way to do simple full-screen GUI custom drawing?

New to the world of Pi. Very impressed! We're considering using a Zero W to power an information display panel appliance which has a small list of requirements: Pulling data from the internet (and/...
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Multiplexing CMOS Cameras

How is it possible to multiplex 9 CMOS Cameras with raspberry pi to generate 9 images at a time?
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Tool to design circuits having raspberry pi

I have used some motors and IR proximity sensors in my raspberry pi project. I need to create a schematics/blueprint of my circuit showing RPi GPIO pins connection with the components. Like PSpice ,...
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Is there a simulator for building circuits with Raspberry Pi GPIO pins?

I was wondering if there is a free simulator/emulator that I can run either online or on a Windows computer to let me test my scripts and more importantly my wiring, as I am new to building circuits. ...
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connecting multiple boards to one raspberry & design recommendations

I don't know if it is a good idea to ask these questions here but, I am planning to design more than one pcb's which sizes and pinouts are the same with rapsberry pi 3 and connect them all together. ...
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Making an LED Cube

I've recently bought my Pi. After being satisfied of deploying my Enterprise Scale Java Applications (yes I actually deployed some production ready stuff on a toy instead of a real staging server), I ...
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Hooking up a speaker to the GPIO

I want to control a speaker via GPIO to play a square wave of varying frequencies. The first speaker I found laying around my house had 4Ω 10W printed on the back. I know for a fact this is not an ...
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How long did it take them to design the Raspberry Pi?

Is there any published information about how long it took the Raspberry Pi guys to design it to initial production? How many hardware revisions were there? How many engineering hours were involved? ...
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Will I damage the GPIO

Will I damage a GPIO (set to input) if introduced to 10V 1mA? I read somewhere that the GPIO ports can tolerate maximum of 16mA I need to detect on/off ( 10V/0V ). Could I possibly use voltage ...
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Is this a design fault or I shall learn how to use SD cards with PI? [closed]

My Respberry Pi Mod B arrived last week and I spent the whole weekend to try out different OSes, softwares etc. For this purpose I have to plug in and out the SD card again and again. Last night I ...
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What are some shortcomings of the board design? [closed]

What parts of the board could cause electronics professionals to think it was constructed poorly, quickly, or unprofessionally? Is it simply soldering, a lack of clean trimming, or placement of the ...
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Is the BCM2835 (Broadcom SoC) proprietary to the Raspberry Pi organization?

I ask because assuming someone wanted to manufacture their own (large) batch of RPi's, the major component that would be most difficult to procure is the Broadcom SoC (see here.) If obtaining this ...
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Where can I find the schematics and supporting design documents for the hardware?

I've tried to search for this online, but other than a few posts on the Raspberry Pi blog, I can't find an official source of the design documentation for the hardware. It was my understanding that ...
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