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Create Overlays with DispmanX in Python

How can i create preferably dynamic overlays using Dispmanx in Python on a Raspberry Pi (3B)? My goal is to overlay custom images containing current information on top of a Picamera Preview. The ...
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Bind pygame surface to dispmanx element

I have managed to create a dispmanx element from a python script. I want to write text on this element. I can do it with pygame, but pygame does not provide layer feature. I need this feature for ...
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Running SDL 1.2 based code on buster without X

Up to and including Raspbian Stretch, I could use a hacked SDL library called SDL12-kms-dispmanx by a developer called vanfanel to run SDL 1.2 code from the console without X. (See here: https://...
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DIfference betwenn vc_dispmanx and vc_vchi_dispmanx?

I'm using vc_dispmanx as a display engine and noticed the presence of vc_vchi_dispmanx library who looks quite close to vc_dispmanx. Dispmanx seems to be a broadcom proprietary alternative to openGL, ...'s user avatar
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