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Enabling MCP251xD on SPI4 on the Rpi4

We have a hardware in which the MCP2518FD is connected to the SPI4 of the Raspberry Pi 4.It appears that the existing driver allows for SPI0 and SPI configurations only. Please guide how to configure ...
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1 answer

Turn off GPIO fan when the temperature lowers by more than 5 degrees

I am able to trigger my Raspberry Pi 3B's fan to turn on at 50 °C with the following line in /boot/config.txt: dtoverlay=gpio-fan,gpiopin=3,temp=50000 However, it automatically turns off again when ...
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2 answers

How to set Hardware PWM Pins

I need a fairly deterministic PWM duty cycle. I don't believe it's rocket science to use hardware PWM. Numerous sources tell us that we can modify /boot/config.txt by adding dtoverlay=pwm-2chan which ...
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