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Questions pertaining to extending the lifespan of the Pi and its parts.

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22 votes
4 answers

Maximum, demonstrated SD card durability

UPDATE: I was able to solve this problem years ago, but for anyone reading this in the future, the durability problems turned out to be related to flaky power supplies. --- Original question --- I'm ...
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Is it a bad idea to do distributed computing?

Like many users, my RPi will be used as a low-consumption micro server and will be powered continuously. All the computing time is not used and could help distributed computing projects like Folding@...
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21 votes
1 answer

Which (currently) compatible SD Cards have wear levelling?

This question asks Which SD cards are compatible? This answer describes the advantages of getting an SD card with wear levelling to extend the life of the card. How can I find out which of the ...
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294 votes
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How can I extend the life of my SD card?

I'm not all that keen to buy a USB hard disk, but I'm aware that SD cards aren't suitable for many repetitions of reading and writing. Are there any steps I can take to extend the life of my SD card ...
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