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a digital optical disc for storage of digital data, e.g. multimedia files.

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Why does my external usb 3 DVD player play some DVD's but not others?

I did buy an external usb 3 DVD player for my RPI 4. I plug it into my new usb 3 hub so that I pull power from the hub and not the Pi. Oddly, it plays some DVD's but not others. I wonder why? How can ...
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Getting commercial video DVD to play in Pi4b running Rasbian

I have a powdered USB 3.0 Hub running an external optical drive. The Pi can see the drive, and open all the files. In fact, when it offers to launch VLC automatically. However, nothing happens in VLC. ...
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Would it be possible to boot a live distro from DVD or CD-rom

For a secure key generator using Yubikeys to back-up master private keys and seperate Yubikeys to containt authetication subkey private keys I'm looking for a way to run a Raspberry Pi zero with no ...
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Samsung Portable DVD Writer

I am trying to get my Samsung 'Portable DVD Writer SE-208' (TSSTcorp CDDVDW SE-208DB MF00) on my Raspberry pi 2. It shows up as /dev/sr0, and from lsusb as: Bus 001 Device 015: ID 0e8d:1806 MediaTek ...
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Connect DVD Drive to Rasberry Pi and Share

I'm wondering if we can connect an external USB DVD drive to Raspberry Pi and share it across the network which can be accessed from a Mac and Win machines. Please share you thoughts on this.
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Playing a DVD ISO on the Pi

I need to be able to play a DVD from ISO on the Pi; the very specific presentation for which I want to use this relies on moving between chapters on the DVD. I'd like to keep things as simple as ...
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How to encode DVDs using the Raspberry Pi

I've got a bunch of old DVDs I want to encode and put on my NAS as AVI. I'd like to use my Raspberry Pi Model B for the encoding as I won't miss it if it's out of action for hours/ days/ weeks. In ...
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Unaccellerated DVD playing

I am aware that I can purchase a key to unlock hardware accelerated MPEG-2 decoding for playing DVD's. I was wondering if there is a functional _un_accellerated DVD player available in e.g. one of ...
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