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Questions tagged [education]

One of the reasons the Raspberry Pi was introduced was to educate children about computer programming. This tag should be used for any questions related to education and the Raspberry Pi.

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How to set up Wifi with EAP TTLS PAP + Proxy on Raspbian Jessie?

Sorry but I'm loosing my mind with the Wifi on Rapsbian Jessie. Here is the thing : At work we have a secure Wifi connection. We had instructions to get connect via ANDROID terminals, as following : ...
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Is there any Raspberry Pi version of sagemath?

Is there any Raspberry Pi version of sagemath? Or is it possible to port sagemath anyway to use it on Raspberry Pi? By the way, I have the Raspberry Pi 3B board with 32 bit Raspbian Jessie on it.
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DHT11 or GPIO Library to Use in C

I am teaching a child C programming with the RPi using a project with the DHT 11. I'm coming from Python and Node on the RPi but haven't done I/O on the RPi in C. What are some available libraries we ...
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Whitelist internet filter

I want to set my small kids loose on the Raspberry Pi with Scratch 2.0 and without having to worry about them accidentally ending up in the undesirable parts of the web. I have set up ...
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What is so special about Pi?

There are already lot of computers available in the market, using which the students or enthusiasts can learn computer programming. As to the hardware side also there are many educational kits to ...
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50 votes
7 answers

Where can I find existing projects with instructions?

There are several articles with suggestions what to do with a Raspberry Pi but many of them are only ideas without any instructions. Is there a directory of projects that actually have been realized ...
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Is the Raspberry Pi a good teaching tool for students learning assembler?

When I took an assembler course, we used a NIOS II Altera board which had a display, some LED lights and programmable buttons. One of the more useful exercises was to write a binary calculator using ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Is there a collection of teaching materials?

Is there anywhere that I can find a collection of teaching materials for the Raspberry Pi? I would hope this could include details such as: Flashing the SD card. Installing the basic OS. ...
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8 answers

Is it possible to receive an electric shock by touching a Raspberry Pi while it's on?

This is a question of safety for children using the device while they are still being shipped without a case. The USB power source is expected to provide 5V and at least 700mA. Is this enough to give ...
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20 votes
7 answers

If I plug my headphones into the audio jack, how do I control the volume?

This will be useful to know before I start just in case the volume is turned to the maximum by default. Also, more importantly, will the maximum volume be high enough to cause immediate hearing ...
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