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The Raspberry Pi B/B+/2B/3B has a standard Ethernet port for connecting it to the internet and to a network. Other RPi versions, such as all "A" versions, the RPi Zero and the Compute Module do not have the hardware required though in some cases it may be possible to provide such connectivity with an add-on board.

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Cannot connect to internet - No DHCPOFFERS recieved

I have used ethernet cable to connect to a modem for internet connection to my raspberry pi. I am getting error messages when trying to open a page. when i tried sudo ifup eth0 i got this error ...
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Can I use the Raspberry Pi to restrict web access?

I'm interested in limiting the use of a school network for academic purposes only. I would expect the solution to be able to efficiently filter and log traffic (to detect offenders) on an account by ...
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Configuring ethernet connection [closed]

I need to connect to my university network which is a bit tricky doing on the Raspberry Pi. I cannot find how to complete the manual set up steps described on uni site, and the app that configures ...
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The easiest way to make some rasberry pi communicate

I need to make few Raspberry Pi communicate (but should be nice to have a system that can be easily scaled up). The boards could be at big distance from each other (from few centimeters to 15 meters ...
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Can I connect directly via ethernet?

At the moment, I am SSHing into my Pi from my laptop. Both are connected to my router. However, it's a bit of a bother connecting the Pi to the router (ie router on the other side of the house). Can ...
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