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firefox in fullscreen mode on raspberry pi 4 (debian bookworm)

I need my raspberry (new Pi OS with debian bookworm) to show a certain web page in full mode, so I run this script firefox -kiosk -private '' and can expect firefox to open www.example....
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Launching browser (Chromium or Firefox) without x server / xorg

I need to launch Chromium (or alternatively Firefox) on a raspberry PI 4 8 GB running Raspberry OS 2021-05-07 without launching xorg / xserver. Is that feasible, for example by launching it in ...
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How to revert apt upgrade on firefox-esr?

I did update/upgrade of all packages and with that my firefox-esr:68.11.0esr-1~deb10u1+rpi1 got replaced with 91.some version. It is slower, youtube is not as responsive as it used to be. What didn't ...
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When will the latest Firefox be available on Raspbian?

2023-11-27_Mon_10:26:33 Hi, I am getting very tired of Firefox-ESR. It is simply NOT modern enough to keep up with many of today's websites. Examples: YouTube, Amazon, Google Maps, ... My main ...
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