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Can’t open chromium or Firefox on RPi Zero W

I’ve got a new RPi zero W and I’ve install raspbian using the imager tool (32 bit) and when booted the OS works fine, all programs open etc except for web browsers. I’ve reinstalled chrome and even ...
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How to revert apt upgrade on firefox-esr?

I did update/upgrade of all packages and with that my firefox-esr:68.11.0esr-1~deb10u1+rpi1 got replaced with 91.some version. It is slower, youtube is not as responsive as it used to be. What didn't ...
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Launching browser (Chromium or Firefox) without x server / xorg

I need to launch Chromium (or alternatively Firefox) on a raspberry PI 4 8 GB running Raspberry OS 2021-05-07 without launching xorg / xserver. Is that feasible, for example by launching it in ...
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